Though Free Fire is often trolled as a sheer pay-to-win game without the need to have strategic gameplay, players have to weigh among lots of factors to gain an advantage in the battle. Free Fire's skin system is yet another layer of strategy prior to starting a game. In Free Fire, each weapon skin has its own bonus... and some can even change how the game is played. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 best shotgun skins in Free Fire 2021.

5 - Apocalyptic Green M1014

  • + Rate of Fire
  • ++ Range
  • - Reload Time

The M1014 Apocalyptic Green gives the M1014 what it lacks the most: range and Rate of Fire. With this skin equipped, you should be able to take down enemies slightly further than your usual range. It actually might even be better than the usual + Damage boost, as the M1014 already has good damage.

Apocalyptic Green M1014 
Apocalyptic Green M1014

The reduced reload speed can be a problem, however. You will need to make sure you are safe when you reload because it is going to take a while.

4 - Apocalyptic Red M1014

  • ++ Rate of Fire
  • + Reload time
  • - Magazine

M1014 Apocalyptic Red skin is the highest tier weapon in the Apocalyptic Incubator. Because of that, it has the best bonus for the highest damage potential. With the increased fire rate, you should be able to unload shots onto your foes faster... and take them down more easily even if you miss the first shot.

M1014 Apocalyptic Red
Apocalyptic Red M1014

The increased Reload speed is also very important as we all know that the reload speed of the M1014 is really slow.

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3 - Winterlands M1887

  • ++ Range
  • + Movement Speed
  • - Reload Speed

The Winterlands M1887 was released back in December 2020. It has one of the rarer bonuses on shotguns: extra range. As the M1887 is the shotgun with the highest range, the bonus would increase that even further, surprising enemies who underestimate your weapon's power.

Winterlands M1887
Winterlands M1887

Just be careful before firing, as the lowered reload speed can be an issue. The M1887 has only 2 bullets each reload and any mistake could be fatal.

2 - One-Punch Man M1887

  • ++ Reload Speed
  • + Damage
  • - Accuracy

This skin was released as part of the One-Punch Man Collab. It is just fitting as the M1887, the gun with the highest damage per shot in the game has a One-Punch Man skin. The collab character also defeats his foes with just one attack.

One-Punch Man M1887
One-Punch Man M1887

Overall, the bonus lets the M1887 be the most damaging single-shot weapon in the game, with over 100 damage per hit. The reload speed bonus is exactly what this weapon need - you should be able to fire much faster than usual.

1 - Green Flame Draco M1014

  • ++ Damage
  • + Rate of Fire
  • - Reload speed

The first Evolution skin for a shotgun - the Green Flame Draco M1014 is, in short, overpowered. It has an absurd damage bonus, rendering the already high damage of the M1014 to SPAS or even M1887 level. The rate of fire bonus lets the gun discharge its shell faster as well.

Green Flame Draco M1014
Green Flame Draco M1014 is one of the best shotgun skins in Free Fire.

Unlike other legendary skins, the Green Flame Draco has another extra power - it deals extra damage when firing at Gloo Walls. You should be able to penetrate enemy walls with ease using this gun... especially in combination with Xayne's ability.

This is the end of our list for shotgun skins in Free Fire. Interested in more of our articles related to Free Fire? Please check out this post for the Top 5 Most Powerful M14 Skins In Free Fire 2021.