A brand new Evo gun skin for the M1014 Shotgun, the Green Flame Draco, has hit Garena Free Fire since May 8th. This skin will boost the look and stats of the M1014 up to 7 levels. It's available in the Luck Royale segment, more specifically the Free Fire's Faded Wheel event.

Green Flame Draco M1014 Cover
The new Evo gun skin has arrived

Here's how to the details you need to know about the new Green Flame Draco M1014 Gun Skin.

Green Flame Draco M1014 Gun Skin in Free Fire

Being an Evo skin, the Green Flame Draco M1014 can be leveled up. Players can acquire the skin from the currently Faded Wheel event. You're guaranteed to win it for 972 Diamonds.

Green Flame Draco M1014 Emote
This new gun skin will have 7 levels.

The Green Flame Draco M1014 skin will feature:

  • A specialized kill feed
  • Upgradable levels from 1 - 7
  • Increased damage
  • Doubled rate of fire
  • Decreased reloading speed

How to Upgrade the Skin?

In order to upgrade the Green Flame Draco skin, players must acquire Dragon Fang tokens. These tokens are available from in-game events and purchasable directly from the in-game store. The higher the level is, the more effects the skin has.

Green Flame Draco M1014 Faded Wheel
Upgrade the skin to receive more perks

Here are the upgrade features for the Green Flame Draco M1014 skin in Free Fire:

  • Lvl1: Standard look plus decreased reload speed
  • Lvl2: Special kill announcement/ kill feed
  • Lvl3: New look
  • Lvl4: Special hit effect on targets, double the rate of fire
  • Lvl5: Firing effect, exclusive kill effect on enemies
  • Lvl6: New look, extra damage on gloo walls
  • Lvl7: New look and exclusive emote

Spin Free Fire's Faded Wheel to Get the Green Flame Draco M1014

Follow the steps below to join the Faded Wheel event in Free Fire:

  • Step 1: Open Garena Free Fire. After the loading menu opens, click on the "Luck Royale" icon on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Step 2: Choose the Faded Wheel option on the bottom left side of the screen.
  • Step 3: Spend Diamonds to join the draw. You can only acquire every prize once only. The price for each subsequent draw will increase as the prize pool shrinks. Also, the first spin is free.

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