Cosmetic items are the top wanted items in Garena Free Fire. Apart from not affecting gameplay, players also desire them as they contribute to aesthetic purposes.

So, the game developers decide to bring about new events from time to time as a chance for players to get those costume bundles. Recently, Faded Wheel has arrived in Free Fire and with it, you can obtain MC Bunk Fundle along with other rewards like AUG - Mr. Nutcracker. Let’s see how to get new MC Funk Bundle in Free Fire with the Faded Wheel in our article.

Free Fire
Check out how to get new MC Funk Bundle in Free Fire with our guide here.

How to get new MC Funk Bundle in Free Fire

Free Fire has shared a post regarding their new feature on the social media handles:

"Put the fun in the funk and turn up the music on a Sunday afternoon! Grab the new MC Funk bundle and get ready to tear the house down!"

The Faded Wheel event lasts from May 2 to May 8, 2021. Apart from MC Funk Bundle, AUG-Mr. Nutcracker, there are other items for you to procure. In fact, there are 10 items in total to grab.

Mc Funk Bundle
MC Funk Bundle is a new bundle in Free Fire that is welcomed by a lot of players.

However, you need to remove the two rewards you do not want first. Afterward, spin the wheel.

What you should note is prizes that are claimed will not repeat in the following spins. It means that you are guaranteed to get the new bundle in eight spins. Moreover, the first spin is without any cost while the subsequent ones’ costs will keep increasing.

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How to access the Faded Wheel event

To get the new MC Funk Bundle in Free Fire, you will have to access the event first:

Mc Funk Bundle 1
You can get the MC Funk Bundle by spinning the wheel in the new event.

1. Open Garena Free Fire, hit the “Luck Royale’ icon on the left of the lobby screen.

2. Click the tab that says “MC Funk Bundle”. Next up, choose the two undesirable rewards.

3. Now click on the “Spin” button to draw a reward.

How to get Persia Valor bundle in Free Fire

Apart from MC Funk Bundle, you can follow the following steps to connect to the Crystal Cube event and garner another highly-sought-after pack:

1. You have to open the Free Fire app and hit the “Calendar” (events) icon which is on the screen’s right side.

Persia Valor Bundle
Follow these steps and click "GO TO" before spinning the wheel.

2. Now, you should scroll through the tab named “News” and hit the “Crystal Cube” option.

3. You then need to click on the “GO TO” option before choosing the “Spin” icon.

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