With the OB27 patch's introduction half a month ago, Free Fire's metagame has been shaken to the core. Chrono, a character who has been dominating ever since his release in December last year, was heavily nerfed.

OB27 Chrono
OB27 Chrono is much harder to use.

In this article, let's find out if OB27 Chrono is still worth using after the changes.

1 - Old Chrono vs New Chrono?

Below are the changes in values of Chrono's skill. All values in this table are based on the max level of the ability.

Bonus Before After
Speed Increase 30% 15%
Allies Speed Increase 15% 0%
Duration 9 8
Cooldown 40s 170s

Overall, the speed bonus for allies inside the bubble was removed and your own bonus gets cut in half. The cooldown nerf is the hardest - it is more than quadrupled. The duration nerf is more or less negligible.

2 - Is Chrono still useful?

While Chrono's shield cooldown is heavily increased, its strength remains almost unchanged. The speed bonus does not matter much in a small bubble, and 8s of duration is already more than enough.

You can heal inside Chrono's shield

In a semi-competitive mode like Ranked, you would probably only fight players 3 or 4 times per match. As not many people use Chrono's skill now - a timely activation could surprise the enemy and turn the tide of battle. This can work wonders, especially in the late game when the circle is small. One fight is sometimes enough for a booyah.

Chrono Character
It is best to use Chrono's ability with sniper builds now... as you can't spam it anymore.

It is important to carry Rockie pet to cut down Time Turner's cooldown by 15%. While this is still negligible, something is better than nothing. Damaging passive abilities like Shirou or Kelly are useful to combo with OB27 Chrono - you would probably use the shield for counterattacks instead of close-quarter combat like before.

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Chrono's shield
Chrono's shield can turn the tide of battle in one fell swoop

Chrono's Time Turner is still top tier in round-based modes - every time you die, the cooldown of the skill would reset.

3 - Skills to Counter Chrono?

Outside of picking Chrono yourself, you can now counter Chrono using Xayne's ability. Upon activation, Xayne's Xtreme Encounter would give you 100% bonus damage to shields. A few shots from the M82B with the skill active would penetrate the 600HP shield of Chrono in no time at all. You should be more careful even with the shield on.

Xayne is a great counter to OB27 Chrono

Xayne's addition is probably another direct nerf to Chrono so that the character would no longer be able to no-sell everything.

4 - Verdict

Overall, you should not underestimate Chrono's ability even after it was reduced to this state. If you can manage, picking Time Turner as your main skill to surprise your foes is a good option.

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