Garena often unlocks extra "Special Modes" as part of events for a limited time. These modes are very creative - they usually bring a lot of weird mechanics into the game like rocket boots, grenade launchers... and more.

In this article, we would list out the top 5 best special modes in Free Fire. Only special modes are counted - Clash Squad and Team Deathmatch will not be part of this list.

5 - Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper mode is similar to Team Deathmatch, with an extra twist. After a few kills, you would become a Grim Reaper with more HP and movement speed than normal players. While this might sound strong, the Reapers can only use Scythe. The match will end after a Reaper manages to get a certain number of kills.

Grim Reaper mode
Grim Reaper mode in Free Fire

4 - Gun King

In Gun King, players need to score kills using different weapons. Every time they manage to get enough points, their main weapon would switch to the next one on the chain. The first player who manages to get through all 14 weapons would be the winner.

Gun King mode
Gun King mode in Free Fire

Overall, this is a super fun mode that challenges players to use weapons they are not familiar with to get kills. By playing this mode, one would get to try out a lot of guns.

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3 - Explosive Jump

In this mode, every player would spawn with two special items: a Grenade Launcher and a pair of Jumping Shoes. The grenade launcher is the RGS50, with an ammo capacity of 5 and the ability to fire rapidly without having to reload. The jumping shoes let you double jump to an unexpected height.

Explosive Jump
Explosive Jump mode in Free Fire

Explosive jump is pretty fun overall - players get to bounce around and while shooting high explosive grenades at each other.

2 - Bomb Squad

The Bomb Squad mode is the classic mode from CS:GO or any normal shooters. One "attack team" and one "defend team" spawn on the map, with the attacking side having a bomb. The job of the attacker is to ensure the bomb goes off no matter what... while the job of the defenders is to make sure that it doesn't happen.

Bomb Squad
Bomb Squad mode in Free Fire

The team who wins 4 out of 7 rounds would be the winner of the match.

1 - Rampage 2.0

Rampage 2.0 is the best special mode in Free Fire. In this mode, two teams of players would compete in capturing three locations on the map. The captured spot would provide points over time - the first team with 100 points would win the match.

Rampage 2.0
Rampage 2.0 is the best amongst all 0special modes in Free Fire

After a few minutes, the capture location would be deactivated and teams need to head to another one. There are "special packages" scattered all over the map in this mode. Upon activation, these packages would turn the player into a superhuman for a short amount of time.

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