Free Fire's OB27 update has brought an array of changes and additions to all facets of the game. Among them, the most impactful new mechanic is probably the Revival Card in Vending Machines and Revival Locations. This feature gives teams who are behind in number a way to come back into the game. Even if they are down to 1 member.

In this article, GuruGamer is going to showcase a list of all vending machines and revival points in Free Fire.

1 - How to revive a teammate?

Using Vending Machines

Revival Feature
Revival Feature in OB27

You need to pick up tokens that spawn randomly on the map them get to a vending machine to buy your teammate out. 4 tokens are needed for each revival ticket. Currently, this has been added to Duo/Squad ranked mode.

Using Revival Points

This feature is only available in Classic Duo/Squad. After occupying the revival point for a few seconds, all your fallen teammates would spawn in the sky, on top of that point, and parachute down. Each revival point has a cooldown period of 2.5 minutes.

Revival points appear 50 seconds after the match starts and close 50 seconds before the final zone. Vending machines do not have these limits.

2 - Locations of vending machines and revival points

All revival points are placed in a vulnerable location without any covers. You will need to take risks to resurrect your squadmates. Vending machines are easier to locate and access... however, you need to collect the needed currency to exchange for a revival ticket. All maps, including Kalahari, have 9 revival points.

Bermuda Remastered

Bermuda Remastered
Bermuda Remastered map in Free Fire

Bermuda Original

Bermuda map
Bermuda map in Free Fire

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Purgatory map
Purgatory map in Free Fire


Kalahari map
Kalahari map in Free Fire

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