Garena has been constantly upgrading Free Fire in order to improve the overall experience for players. The most recent patch, OB27, have added a lot of new contents into the game, from characters to weapon and even map.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 most notable new features of the Free Fire OB27 patch.

1 - Character system overhaul

With the latest patch, the Character System UI has been improved greatly and become more accessible for users. Players can now actually change their skills in the loadout section in the lobby instead of having to go inside the menu.

Upgrading characters gold cost removed. This is the change that was liked the most by fans, as they will not have to spend a ludicrous amount of gold just to max one character anymore. Characters' max level is also reduced from 8 to 6, and Awakened characters also get their original skill on top of the new one.

2 - Weapon rebalancing

A lot of underused weapons are getting buffs to their stats and in some cases, even a brand new ability. Overpowered guns like M82B and Vector get nerfed heavily.

Free Fire Weapon Rebalances
Free Fire Weapon Rebalances: Buff and nerf

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3 - Character rebalancing

Fans have been crying out about Chrono ever since he was released. The character was just so strong he changes the metagame in Free Fire singlehandedly and makes the game boring to watch. With that in mind, Garena brought the nerf hammer down and quadrupled the cooldown of his shield.

Free Fire Characters Rebalance
Free Fire Characters Rebalance: buffs, reworks, and nerf

A lot of previously useless characters like Maxim or Olivia also get buffed to the "usable" tier. Some, like Wukong or Rafael, are now overpowered.

4 - Bermuda Remastered

The Bermuda Remastered map has finally been made available permanently. This enhanced version of the fan-favorite Bermuda map has removed quite a few locations and added new ones.

Bermuda 2.0
Bermuda Remastered is a great map


  • Graveyard
  • Bullseye
  • Rim Nam Village
  • Riverside
  • Sentosa
  • Plantation


  • Nurek Dam
  • Academy
  • Aden’s Creek
  • Samurai Garden

5 - Vending machine system

The new Vending machine system, introduced as part of the Chrono update, is going to stay permanently. It is further combined with the new revival system - in which you can buy a new life for your teammates with tokens gathered on the map. The new "Revival Point" can even resurrect your whole team.

Vending Machine
Vending Machine and Revival mechanics are huge additions

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