The Character system in Free Fire is what differentiates the game from other mobile BR rivals. Therefore, Garena has been constantly trying to improve it by adding new characters and overhaul older ones. In the OB27 update yesterday, a new character called Xayne has been added to the game... and she's likely to be the next meta.

Xayne's Top-Up event
Xayne's Top-Up event in OB27

To make sure that more players have access to this new character, Garena has created a top-up event so that they could give away her for free. In this article, we would showcase how to get Xayne character for free in Free Fire!

1 - How to get Xayne character for free in Free Fire OB27?

Garena is aware of players referring to the character system of Free Fire as "pay-to-win". Because of that, they have always tried to give light spender a head up with top-up events. In these events, players recharge a few diamonds to unlock something for free.

This is a method to provide more people with the overpowered characters so that the balance of the game will not change too much after the patch. The previous OP character, Chrono, was also given away in a top-up event.

Players need to buy 200 diamonds to get the new character Xayne, and 300 more for Xayne's Extreme Bundle. You can spend the Diamond for anything else, as the character is unlocked for no cost. This event lasts for a week and concludes on April 21.

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2 - How strong is Xayne?

Xayne's Extreme Encounter ability is super strong offensively. On activation, it gives the player an extra 80 HP temporarily and 40-100% damage against shield and gloo walls. Users lose the HP at the end of the duration, but the damage is not fatal (you won't be killed if you have only 79 HP left).

Xayne's ability
Xayne's ability in Free Fire

The duration of the ability is a whopping 10 seconds, with the cooldown getting reduced from 150s to 100s at level 6.

In combat, if your target puts up a gloo wall or shield, you can just activate this ability and power through the obstacle to end them. Extreme Encounter will make enemies think twice before putting up gloo walls.

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