While the character system in Free Fire is creative, the characters themselves are not free... and Garena releases new ones constantly. This is probably the reason why people often call Free Fire a pay-to-win game, with the best characters can only be purchased using real money (diamonds).

After 3.5 years, there are now more than 30 characters on the roster. If you want to get the best Free Fire characters out of your limited Diamond budget, here are the top 5 you should pick.

1 - Alok (599 diamonds)

Alok's ability, Drop the Beat, would create a 5m aura that increases all allies' movement speed by 15% and heals them for 5HP/s for 10 seconds. He is probably the best character ever designed by Garena. Two years have passed since his release and Alok is still on the top of the meta.

Alok Free Fire
Alok is based on the Brazillian DJ of the same name

Players can get DJ Alok from the Free Fire store for 599 diamonds.

2 - K (Captain Booyah - 599 diamonds)

Another healing-oriented character on this list - the best part about K is that his ability is really easy to use. K's skill has two modes: one regenerates your EP and the other is an aura that increases the speed of EP consumption to all allied players in the radius.

Captain Booyah in Free Fire
K is just easy to use in general, making him one of the most worth-buying Free Fire characters.

With the constant stream of Free EP, you would be able to always keep your HP at maximum. You need 599 diamonds to buy K from the store.

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3 - Chrono (599 diamonds)

The strongest character in the OB26 patch. His Time Turner skill creates a 600 HP shield that the user can shoot through, which is pretty much the perfect ability for both defense and offense. After outrage from fans, Garena has decided to nerf him in the upcoming OB27 patch, slapping a 150 seconds cooldown on his shield.

Free Fire Cristiano Ronaldo Chrono
Chrono is based on the famous Christiano Ronaldo

Even with this nerf, Chrono is still worth purchasing. It costs 599 diamonds to get him from the in-game store.

4 - Skyler (499 diamonds)

Skyler is also going to be a top-tier healer in Free Fire. His ability Riptide Rhythm is a shockwave that damages all Gloo Walls in the radius... and for every Gloo Wall damaged, he would get 7HP regen per second. You can also throw out your own Gloo Grenade to boost the heal.

Skyler in Free Fire
Skyler's ability has very high numbers.

You need 499 diamonds to buy Skyler.

5 - Shirou (499 diamonds)

Shirou's Damage Delivered ability is probably the best passive skill released this year. It enables you to track whoever fires at you and retaliate with an armor-piercing shot. The ability is strong in both long and short-range fights... and the cooldown is short enough for you to use constantly.

Shirou Free Fire
Shirou is pretty good in Clash Squad.

Shirou costs 499 diamonds in the Free Fire shop.

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