Weapon attachment is an often overlooked mechanic in Garena Free Fire. They are modifiers that can be equipped to improve the statistics of a gun... some even need attachments to actually function.

In this article, we would list out all the gun attachments in Free Fire and which gun you should equip them on.

1 - Muzzle

Muzzles are best equipped on AR or SMG with low ranges to increase their effectiveness in long-range combat. There are 3 levels for the muzzle in Free Fire, which would increase the range of the equipped weapon by a small, medium, or big amount.

Weapons to equip with a muzzle: AN94, XM8, ParaFAL, Woodpecker...

Gun attachments in Free Fire: Muzzle
Muzzle increases range

2 - Silencer

The silencer would muffle the sound of a weapon when discharging bullets so that the shooter's location would be hidden on the minimap. However, the Silencer does not provide any stat bonus... you should replace it with a muzzle whenever possible.

Gun attachments in Free Fire: Silencer
Silencer mufflers sound

3 - Magazine

This attachment would increase the equipped weapon's magazine capacity and reload speed. This is extremely useful on DMR (for the reload speed) and SMG (for the magazine size). The M14, SKS, SVD and MP40 are the prime choice.

Gun attachments in Free Fire: Magazine
Magazine increase reload speed
  • Level 1: A small increase in ammo capacity and x0.5 faster reload speed
  • Level 2/3/4 (double magazine): A medium increase in ammo capacity and x1/x1.5/x2 faster reload speed

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4 - Foregrip

The foregrip would reduce recoil when firing for equipped weapons. There are 3 levels for this attachment with increasing bonuses.

Gun attachments in Free Fire: Foregrip
Foregrip reduces recoil

It is best to equip the foregrip on AR with high recoils like AK or DMRs like Woodpecker or M14.

5 - Scopes

There are 4 scopes in Free Fire: x2, x4, x8, and Thermal Vision. All weapons need a scope... with the x4 being sufficient for medium to long-range and the x2 for medium range. The thermal scope is great for scouting - you would be able to detect enemies hidden in bushes.

Gun attachments in Free Fire: Scopes
Scope let you aim further

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6 - Stock

Stock is an attachment that reduces gun recoil and increases movement speed while holding the equipped gun. There are 3 levels of stock with increasing bonuses - these bonuses stack with the foregrip.

Gun attachments in Free Fire: Stock
Stock reduces recoil

It is best to equip this attachment on weapons with high recoil, similar to the foregrip. The movement speed bonus is just the cherry on top.

Understanding how to take advantage of these gun attachments in Free Fire, we believe you can upgrade your game level in no time!

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