Free Fire's character skills system is probably one of the best and most creative gameplay mechanics amongst battle royales. However, it evolves over time, with the earliest characters being much weaker than the new ones.

Misha and her brother Maxim
Misha and her brother Maxim

Garena has decided to resolve this problem by giving older characters a buff to their abilities. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about the new version of Misha in Free Fire OB 27.

1 - Misha in Free Fire OB 27

Misha's speed buff while inside a vehicle would be boosted from 12 to 20% - this is a huge increase, especially on vehicles. You should be able to cross long distances and attain top speed with Misha much faster than usual.

Misha's ability is super useful on vehicles without much protection like motorbikes or amphibious car

The damage reduction while inside a vehicle mostly remains the same, with the vehicle also get a damage reduction bonus. This is just the cherry on top, as people rarely try to blow up a vehicle and just target the person driving it instead.

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2 - How strong is Misha in OB 27?

Misha is one of the earliest characters released in the game... and because of that, her skill's bonuses are fairly insignificant. Unlike Andrew, she is also unpopular as a character - that's probably why she doesn't get her own Awakening and just a flat buff in stats.

Misha In-Game
Misha In-Game

Overall, the increase in speed is actually much more significant than you might believe. Misha is actually worth picking now as part of squad mode - the higher mobility would get your team to the needed location faster to claim the most advantageous spots in the safe zone.

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