In the upcoming OB27 update, Free Fire is going to have some huge changes for the character system. The character system was introduced to Free Fire a long time ago and it has become the most unique feature of the game. However, as Free Fire is releasing new characters with more powerful abilities, old characters start to become irrelevance and underused.

That why Free Fire is going to changes the abilities of many characters in the next update to keep them balanced and more useful. In this article, we will round up all the Free Fire character ability changes in the OB27 update.

1. New Rafael Ability

Rafael Old Ability: You will not be revealed on the mini-map for 8s. CD 90s (40s max)

Rafael New Ability: Silencing effect when using snipers and marksman rifles. Enemies hit and downed suffer 20% faster HP loss, up to 45 % at Level 6.

Free Fire Rafael New Ability
Rafael  will have a passive permanent silencing effect while using snipers and marksman rifles

Rafael has been forgotten due to his weak ability with a huge cooldown, not to mention losing an active ability slot. Now he will have a passive permanent silencing effect while using snipers and marksman rifles, making him the best choice for sniper players. With these changes, we are also going to see him more in Squad games as finishing a downed enemy is very important. You can also save the active ability slot for other skills.

2. New A124 Ability

A124 Old Ability: Quickly convert 25 EP (50 EP max) into HP within 2.5 seconds, CD 90s (60s max).

A124 New Ability: Convert 20 EP (60 EP max) into HP within 4 seconds, up to 60 EP in Level 6 CD: 10s.

Free Fire New A124 Ability
The cooldown of A124's ability is reduced to 10 seconds, making it super good now

Basically, A124 will convert a little bit more EP over a little bit longer period of time. The cooldown of the skill is significantly reduced, making her actually much more decent now. As long as you have enough EP, you can just keep healing your HP to full constantly, might be even 2 to 3 times in one fight. A124 will make an absolutely insane combo with Miguel as Miguel can provide up to 90 EP after each kill.

3. New Wukong Ability

Wukong Old Ability: Turn into a Bush, CD: 300s (200s max).

Wukong New Ability: Transforms into a bush, lasting for 10s, CD 250s. Transformation stop when Wukong attack. CD reset when Wukong takes down an enemy. At Level 6, the duration is 15 seconds and the cooldown is 150 seconds.

Free Fire New Wukong Ability
Wukong's ability will reset if you take down an enemy, making it an absolutely insane skill for rusher players

Wukong received a massive buff in the next update as his ability has a much shorter cooldown and longer duration. However, the most important buff is that the skill will reset whenever you take down an enemy. That means you can use it over and over again facing multiple players and there is nothing the enemy can do. Wukong has just suddenly become a scary character in the hand of skilled rusher players in this update.

4. New Chrono Ability

Chrono Old Ability: Creates a force field that blocks 600 damages. One can fire at outside foes from within the force field. Movement speed increases by 15% (30% max). During skill activation, allies within the force field gets 10% (15% max) increase in movement speed. All effects last for 4s (9s max). CD 50s.

Chrono New Ability: Creates a force field that blocks 900 damages. One can fire at outside foes from within the force field. Movement speed increases by 5% (15% max). All effects last for 3s (8s max). CD: 200s (170s max).

Free Fire New Chrono
Chrono will get a huge nerf in almost every aspect, especially the cooldown duration. The cooldown of the skill is increased to 170 seconds

Chrono's ability has been nerfed in almost every aspect. The shield has 300 more HP but provides less movement speed buff, a shorter duration, and most importantly a super long cooldown. Even at level 6, the skill has a 170s cooldown, meaning that you can only use it a few times in a match at most.

Comparing to the new ability of Wukong then Chrono is actually the weaker character now.

5. New Andrew Ability

Andrew Old Ability: Vest durability loss decreased by 2% (12%).

Andrew Awaken Ability: Vest durability loss decreased by 2%. Armor reduces 8% more damage to the body. Addition 0.15% damage reduction for every teammate who has this skill.

New Andrew Free Fire
New Andrew will be exceptionally good in Squad when all players equip his skill

Andrew was an OK character before for new players, but with this buff, he is going to be an insane character, especially in Squad mode. Not only it is harder to break his armor but his armor is also more effective. Moreover, he is free so it is super easy for your whole Squad to use this skill together and make the skill even more effective.

6. Awaken Ability Mechanic Change

Currently, Awaken abilities are just a separated ability that will use an additional ability slot. Those Awken abilities are not really good abilities so not many players want to use them. In the next update, Free Fire is going to combine Awaken abilities with the original abilities of the character. So basically you will upgrade the original ability when you Awaken a character. So far, Kelly and Hayato are the only Awakwen characters in Free Fire.

Kelly Awaken
Awaken abilities will merge with the orginal ability

7. 5th Ability Slot

As more characters are coming to Free Fire, they have decided to let players unlock another ability slot. With all the changes above, we can expect that this 5th ability slot is going to change the META and gameplay of Free Fire significantly in the next update.

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