Free Fire is having a new major update, the OB27 update with many huge changes that will totally change the game. The advanced server of the OB27 update has opened for players to test out new changes and many updates have been leaked out. In this article, we are going to round up everything new that is coming to Free Fire in the next update.

New 5th Ability Slot

In Free Fire, you can combine the abilities of up to 4 different characters to bring into combats. This creates dynamic gameplay with many different skill combinations created by players. In the next update, they are going to let players unlock the 5th ability slot, allowing players to create even more insane combos with their characters.

Awaken Abilities Rework

Free Fire has 2 Awakwen characters so far, which are Kelly and Hayato. However, most players don't use these Awaken abilities because they are just simply not good enough. It not even worth unlocking these abilities. In the next update, Free Fire is going to combine Awaken abilities with the original abilities of the Awakened characters.

New Awaken System Free Fire

There are also some images about the Awaken form of Andrew. The detail of his ability is currently unknown.

Andrew Awakening Free Fire

New Character Xtrema And MR1

Data miners have found out 2 new Free Fire characters in the advanced server named Xtrema and Mr1. We have yet to have any further information about these characters. They might or might not be released in the OB27 update.

Xtrema Free Fire

Mr1 Free Fire

New Pet Dreki and Etzin

The next update is going to bring a really powerful pet for rushers into Free Fire. It is a dragon pet called Dreki. Dreki's ability is a passive ability that can spot the location of an enemy nearby who is using Med Kit. We have discussed the power of this pet in this article: Free Fire Is Having A New Dragon Pet Called 'Dreki' With A Super OP Skill For Rusher Players.

Maxresdefault 1 026d

The second pet is an alien pet called Etzin. This pet's ability will reduce the damage you take when you are using the healing item. It doesn't sound like a very good skill in combats. However, it a great skill if you want to stay outside the safe zone and play a healing battle.

Free Fire Pet Etzin