The Awakening mechanic is one that's often overlooked in Free Fire's character system due to the fact that only two characters, Hayato and Kelly, have them. However, with the OB27 patch of April 2021, this is no longer the case, with Andrew awakening getting added to the game.

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And now, Garena has decided to go a step further by incorporating a characters' original ability into their awakened form. In this article, we would explain more about this mechanic.

Why is the Awakening System getting changed?

Previously, Garena released the "awakening quest" for Hayato and Kelly as part of an event storyline, with the two members of the Shimada clan awakening their inner power. This is also a means of giving a buff to Kelly and Hayato, as their skills are fairly underpowered.

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However, the two added skills are just too hard to use (and in the case of Hayato Firebrand, weaker than the original) - this leads to the awakening system getting ignored by players. This is probably the reason why Garena has decided to revamp the system, giving the original abilities to both characters. This means if you have both Hayato and Kelly awakened, your character is technically walking around with 6 abilities instead of 4.

Future awakening like Andrew Awakening of OB 27 would also follow this trend.

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Why are other characters getting Awakening?

With the release of Alok, Chrono and the like, older characters are getting obsolete due to their vastly underpowered skills. The awakening quests would buff them and enable much more strategies. Both the original and new ability would be incorporated into a single slot. This system would make its debut on the Advance Server on April 1.

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