Free Fire's upcoming big update for April is almost here - the OB27 patch's Advance Server has gone live. This is the first big update of Free Fire this year, with two new characters, 1 new awakening and more... Amongst the new additions, there is one that players often overlook - a new pet.

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In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about Free Fire's new 'ETzin' pet, along with his appearance and ability. He is going to make his debut in the Advance server on April 1.

1 - About Free Fire ET Pet

The name of the pet is likely to be 'ET', which stands for extra-terrestrials. This is probably intended to be a reference to the famous movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial in 1982. The name of the pet would probably be changed once the patch hit the live server.

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This pet is going to be the third flying pet in Free Fire - it is an alien wearing a hip-hop costume while sitting on a flying saucer. Overall, the pet looks really outlandish and stylish - much weirder than the usual pets in the game.

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2 - Free Fire ET Pet Ability


The Alien pet's ability would reduce the damage taken by players when they are interacting with healing items. It is unsure if this effect affects the act of healing itself or you just have to get a healing buff to trigger the protection buff. From medkit to the inhaler and even the Treatment Gun - ET pet is confirmed to affect all 3 - when you are using these items, your character would take less damage.

Treatment Gun
Treatment Gun In Free Fire


Overall, if this ability only works on targets while they are using a healing item, it would be super underpowered... as people usually hide and not getting shot when they are trying to heal. It is possible that the pet would be buffed on release - Garena usually listens to player feedback. They buffed Jai and Dasha before this.

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