Gyan Sujan is the owner of the Free Fire YouTube channel Gyan Gaming, one of the most popular Free Fire YouTube channels in India with 8.79 million subscribers. In this article, we are going to take a look at Gyan Sujan's Free Fire ID, stats, earnings, and more.

Gyan Sujan’s Free Fire ID and stats

Gyan Sujan’s Free Fire ID is 70393167.

Lifetime stats

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Like most other pro players, Gyan Sujan mostly plays Squad mode. he has played a total of 17558 matches with 6357 wins and 60520 kills. That is a 36.20% win rate and a great K/D ratio of 5.40.

He played 2128 Dou matches in this account in total. He won 493 of them, which makes up a 23.16% win rate. He has a total of 5778 kills, which is a 3.53 K/D ratio.

Gyan played a total of 1369 Solo matches with only 159 wins and 2310 kills. He has a win rate of 11.61% and a K/D ratio of 1.91.

Current season

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In the current season, he has played a total of 158 Squad games with 58 wins and 805 kills. He has a 36.70% win rate in Squad mode and an amazing 8.05 K/D ratio.

In Duo mode, the streamer played 75 games with 29 wins and 377 kills, maintain the same insane win rate and K/D ratio. He has a 38.66% win rate and a K/D ratio of 8.20 this season.

In Solo mode, he hasn't got any win yet even though he played 29 games. He also somehow only got 1 kill.

Gyan Sujan’s Earning

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Gyan Sujan’s earnings from YouTube are estimated between $26.5K - $423.3K per month according to Social Blade. This snot including the earnings get from sponsor deal and donations from viewers.

Gyan Sujan’s Social Media

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