Pets have always been one of the most important and unique factors in Free Fire apart from characters and weapon skins. These pets have a unique ability that will aid you in combats in different ways and make great combos with your characters' abilities.

According to the latest news, Free Fire is going to release a new dragon pet named "Dreki" in the upcoming days. Here is everything you need to know about this new Dreki pet in Free Fire.

Free Fire Dreki Pet Ability

Free Fire Dreki Pet Ability - Dragon Glare: Players can spot one enemy who is using Medkit in a 10 meters radius and marks them with an Orange mark. Lasts for 3 seconds.

This skill is just plain way too powerful in mid to close range combats. It automatically marks a player within 10 meters who is using a Medkit. A player is the most vulnerable when they are using a Medkit because that is when their HP is low and they can't do anything while doing it.

New Pet Dreki Garena Free Fire 1
Dreki marks the enemy who is using a Medkit with an orange mark

Basically, Dreki just automatically pinpoints the location of a weakened enemy for you to get an easy kill. During combats, if the enemy falls back and Dreki activates, you immediately know that they are healing and it is the best time to push them. This is definitely the best pet skill for rusher players.

Free Fire Dreki Pet Action

Dreki has a total of 3 actions that will be unlocked at Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4. Celebrate action will trigger when you use a Medkit or takedown an enemy. The Play and Show action can be triggered through in-game commands.

Free Fire Dreki Pet Skin

Dreki will have one additional skin called Splashy Dreki that will change Dreki into an ice dragon with fair skin, blue hair, and wings. The skin will be unlocked when Dreki reaches Level 6.

New Pet Dreki Garena Free Fire

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