In the latest update, Free Fire buffed the Groza with more damage, rate of fire, making it an absolutely scary weapon now. The spawn rate of the Groza in the airdrop is also increased so you will more likely be able to pick up this weapon now. Here are the top 5 Groza skins in Free Fire to make this weapon even stronger.

5. Groza Booyah

  • Reload speed -
  • Accuracy ++

The Groza Booyah skin is currently the cheapest Groza skin in Free Fire as you can get it by purchasing the BOOYAH Weapon Loot Crate with only 18 Diamonds in the shop. The skins increase the accuracy of the weapon by a significant amount. The Groza already has an insane amount of damage output so this buff is really helpful to make the weapon more stable. The reload speed reduction barely affects the power of the weapons.

Best Groza Skins

4. Groza Great Plunder

  • Accuracy++
  • Damage+
  • Reload-

The Groza Great Plunder skin have the same buff as the Groza Booyah skin with the addition of a damage buff, making it an obviously better choice.

Best Groza Skins 1

3. Groza Tagger’s Revolt

  • Range++
  • Rate of Fire+
  • Magazine-

The Groza Tagger’s Revolt skin looks quite similar to the Groza Great Plunder skin at the first glance because both skins use a mixture of many colors to decorate the weapon. With the Groza Tagger’s Revolt skin, you can make the Groza stronger at a longer distance with a higher rate of fire. The magazine reduction doesn't matter at all with the big magazine and high DPS of the Groza.

Best Groza Skins 2

2. Groza Winterlands

  • Rate of Fire++
  • Accuracy-

The Groza Winterlands skin significantly increases the rate of fire of the Groza, which makes the weapon even deadlier. The Accuracy reduction might slightly affect the weapon in longer-range combats but that's it. The Groza Winterlands skin is available in the shop in the Loot Crate Winterland for 35 Diamonds each.

Best Groza Skins 3

1. Groza FFCS

  • Damage++
  • Magazine-

The Groza FFCS is the latest Groza skin in Free Fire. It was released during the Free Fire Continental Series 2020. The skin provides a massive damage buff while reducing the magazine size of the Groza. Once again, the magazine reduction barely matters while the damage buff will let you tear your enemies apart in seconds.

Best Groza Skins 4

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