Free Fire Ranked has entered the 20th Season with new challenges for players to overcome. There have been quite some changes in the last update to improve the Ranked system in Free Fire. New weapons were introduced to the game along with many weapon changes.

Choosing the right weapons for yourself is an important factor that will help you rank up in Free Fire. In this article, we will show you the top best weapons that will help you to push rank in Season 20 in Free Fire.

1. M1014

The M1014 got a lot of buff in the recent patch. It got a buff on both the Rate of Fire and Damage, which make it much better now. The M1887 also got some nerfs so the M1014 will not be too inferior to it. The spawn rate of the M1014 is also much higher than the M1887 so it is expected that the M1014 will regain its popularity this season.

M1014 Free Fre

2. M82B

M82B has always been the best sniper rifle in Free Fire because it can shoot through Gloo Wall. The weapon is so strong that many players even use 2 M82B and go full sniper mode. Itis no doubt that the M82B will continue to be the best sniper rifle in Season 20.

Free Fire M82b Gfg5

3. Groza

The Groza received massive buffs the last patch, making it now even scarier than ever. Its spawn rate in airdrops has been increased significantly so you will be able to find it more frequently. And when you do, make sure to grab it right away.

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4. MAG-7

The MAG-7 shotgun is the newest weapon in Free Fire. It is a mid-range shotgun with a high rate of fire. While it doesn't deal insane damage at close-range like the M1887, it deals consistent DPS even if the target is further away. With its versatility, it is possible that the MAG-7 will become the best choice of shotguns in Season 20.

Mag7 Free Fire 28e9

5. Akimbo Vector

Akimbo Vector just got a small nerf in its range, but it is still super strong, especially in Clash Squad. The Vector is the only weapon in Free Fire that allows you to hold 2 of them, which means you will have double the damage. It is just too hard to deal with the Double Vector if you are not using a shotgun or MP40.

Free Fire Vector Akimbo 59bf

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