Garena Free Fire has just dropped the brand new OB26 Project Cobra update at the beginning of February 2021. This patch brings along tons of new changes in terms of gameplay, new skins, bundles, weapons, and more. 

Legendary Cobra Bundle Snake Bite
The New Bundle Will Launch Tomorrow

To celebrate the new update, we currently have the Project Cobra events underway. Free Fire players have the chance to win various themed cosmetic items, including the exclusive Cobra Sidekick bundle, Cobra backpack, and more.

And now, let's take a look at the centerpiece of the whole update - the new Legendary Cobra Rage bundle. As the game official confirmed, the Legendary Cobra Bundle will go online with Shirou on the 27th! 

Here's everything you need to know about this new bundle.

Legendary Cobra Rage Bundle in Garena Free Fire

The new Legendary Cobra Rage bundle will be the centerpiece of the cosmetic items in the OB26 update. It features a one-of-a-kind look as well as its own unique interface and exclusive emote. By acquiring the bundle, players will get the following perks:

Legendary Cobra Bundle Fb
Unlock Additional Perks With Your Bundle
  • Emote Lead – Become the Dance Leader in the squad lobby.
  • Exclusive Emote – Available for equipping in Collection.
  • Arrival Animation – Adding special animation when joining a squad.
  • Parachuting Animation – Special animation when dropping.

One of the unique features of the bundle is that it allows players to change the colors of the individual fashion items in the bundle. You can easily access its special interface and change the color according to your preference.

Legendary Cobra Rage Bundle Platinum
Legendary Cobra Rage Bundle Platinum Color

The choices for colors include red, blue, yellow, and purple. However, to unlock all of these colors, you must progress in the Ranked mode. The color will be available as you reach certain ranks in the game.

Legendary Cobra Rage Bundle Diamond
Legendary Cobra Rage Bundle Diamond Color

Over, this is not a bundle you want to miss out on in Garena Free Fire. However, the price tag on the new Legendary Cobra Rage bundle has not been revealed by the devs.