Similar to most competitive games on the market currently, Free Fire has a rank system to match players together based on their skill. There are a lot of rewards for getting to a higher tier, and amongst them, the weapon skin is probably the best.

Garena Free Fire Mod Apk

Today, in ranked season 20, Garena has added the brand new skin for the M82B - Deadly Glares into the game. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know.

About the Deadly Glare M82B

The Deadly Glare, one of the first skins for the M82B, is going to be a free skin that can be exchanged using rank tokens. Overall, the design is fairly futuristic, with red patterns all over the gun's body and barrel, giving it a mechanical look. On the body of the gun, there are 3 eye-like symbols - this is probably where the "deadly glare" part of the skin was about.

This skin can be exchanged for 7000 tokens. It is unlikely that this skin is going to have any improvements to stats.


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About Season 19's conclusion

The old token level rewards, Dessert Wraith bundle, Storm Whisperer AK, and Signal Transmitter, have been removed from the store. The season-end reward for season 19 would be sent to the in-game mail immediately after it ends. The ranks of all players would be reset back to a certain degree, based on the list below.

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  • Players in Heroic tier will drop down to Gold II tier.
  • Players in Diamond tiers (I to IV) will drop down to Gold I tier.
  • Players in Platinum tiers (I to IV) will drop down to Silver II tier.
  • Players in Gold tiers (I to IV) will drop down to Silver I tier.
  • Players in Silver tiers (I to III) will drop down to the Bronze II tier.
  • Players in Bronze tiers (I to III) will drop down to Bronze I tier

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