As in other Battle Royale games, your Garena Free Fire experience will depend largely on the loot you have. Landing on a great spot with high-tier loot can help you yield a better chance of coming on top. On the other hand, your chance of winning is really slim with poor equipment.

Bermuda Map in Free Fire
Bermuda Map in Free Fire

Currently, Free Fire has three map options for players to choose from: Bermuda, Kalahari, and Purgatory. More often than not, players opt for locations with high-tier loot, but it also means fierce competition. Why? Because others have the same idea!

That's why today, we will take you through the top 3 safest landing spots on the Bermuda map. Not only are they relatively safe, but also offer decent loot for you to start the game!

Top 3 Safest Landing Spots On Bermuda

#1 - Plantation

The Plantation is among the safest spots on Bermuda to drop on. There's a pretty good chance that you only encounter a handful of foes when landing here. This spot also offers a fair amount of loot, including weapons and armory to help you get a good start and claim your victory!

Plantation in Free Fire
Plantation in Free Fire Bermuda

#2 - Mars Electric

Next on the list, we have Mars Electric. This is one of the most overlooked locations that Free Fire survivors rarely check out.  Since it's quite far away from the center of the map, you will find fewer enemies and a sufficient amount of high-tier loot.

Mars Electric in Free Fire
Mars Electric in Free Fire Bermuda

However, do stay on the lookout for the Play Zone. Prepare your vehicle for moving out as soon as possible.

#3 - Sentosa

Being on the other side of Bermuda, Sentosa is a safe spot to land. Survivors can procure a wide variety of equipment and high-tier loot. However, you may have problems with those "gatekeepers", or bridge camper. They will camp on the bridge to pick up moving squads from the other side. Therefore, always stay alert!

Sentosa in Free Fire
Sentosa in Free Fire Bermuda