Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale titles on mobile in the world. Into the game, 50 players drop from a plane into an island to pick up items and weapons to fight until there is only 1 player left.

The game offers dynamic gameplay that allows players to use different strategies to become the winner. Among all the strategies, camping is one of the best strategies because it is effective and easy to use. But in order to use this strategy well, you need to know many camping spots around the map for you to stay. A good camping spot will provide you safety and a good vision of the surrounding area.

Here in this article, we will show the top 10 camping places in Free Fire on the Bermuda map.

1. Academy 1

Academy is one of the new locations in Bermuda 2.0 in Free Fire. It is a huge research facility with many big buildings and high locations for campers. There is a big building on the edge of the Academy where you can climb to the top floor and follow the edge of the wall to a secret spot that can give you an overview of the whole place. The building also has a lot of loot, making it a great place to start.

Free Fire Camping Places

2. Academy 2

There is another spot at Academy that you can go to and camp, on the roof of the 2 main buildings. Almost no one will ever notice this place and you can roam around the roof easily to have a good look at the area around. It is actually very easy to get here. All you have to do is climb to the top floor and then climb out of the window.

Image 1 Free Fire Camping Places

3. Samurai's Garden 1

Samurai's Garden is also one of the new locations in Bermuda 2.0. It is located on an isolated island, which belongs to Hayato's family. Samurai's Garden is a beautiful place with many Japanese structures. Most buildings here only have 1 floor except for one building with 3 floors.

However, to get to the third floor, you will need to know the trick. It is quite simple. you can use the rail on the 2nd floor or a Gloo Wall as the leverage to jump to the third floor.

Image 2 Free Fire Camping Places

4. Samurai's Garden 2

Other than the 3-stories building, there is also a really high tower at Samurai's Garden and it is the perfect camping place. But to climb to the very top floor, you will need to use 2 Gloo Walls and stack them up to make a stair to jump on.

Image 3 Free Fire Camping Places

5. Peak

Peak is one of the places in Bermuda where the final safe zone lands on the most because it is right in the middle of the map. All buildings here only have 1 floor. But with a few Gloo Wall, you can climb on top of the roof of one building.

Free Fire Camping Places
You can use Gloo Wall to jump on top of the roof of this building

6. Nurek dam 1

The Nurek dam is naturally a great place for campers considering its location and height. However, if you want to be really safe and stealthy, you need to jump down on the edge of the dam, where no one would ever notice.

Free Fire Camping Places

7. Aden's Creek

Another camping place we are going to explore is Aden's Creek. You will find a sack near a beach in this place. With a help of a Gloo Wall, you will be able to jump on it easily. This sack is a good place for camping because it is on the edge of the town so you don't have to worry about people sneaking behind your back.

 Free Fire Camping Places

Image 6 Free Fire Camping Places

8. Hangar

In Hangar, you can find a Launchpad and it will help you get to our next camping location. Rotate the Launchpad 90 degrees to the left and aim for the roof of the building ahead.

Image 7 Free Fire Camping Places

9. Nurek dam 2

If the final safe zone ever lands on Nurek dam, this will be the best place for you to camp. You can jump on the edge inside these spear-like buildings and then jump on top of the machine in the middle. The enemies will never saw what hit them.

Image 8 Free Fire Camping Places

Image 9 Free Fire Camping Places

10. Pochinok

Finally, we will show you a perfect place to camp in Pochinok, one of the most popular locations in Bermuda. Here, you will find tire piles lying around. Those tire piles are how you are going to get to this place, on the top of the highest building here. It is actually very easy and all you need are just a few jumps. This is one of the best camping places in Free Fire.

 Free Fire Camping Places
You can get to the roof of this building by jumping on tire piles around here

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