One of the biggest reasons behind Free Fire's achievement of "the most downloaded game in the world of 2020" is the fact that Garena is constantly upgrading Free Fire with new content. And in the just-revealed OB27 beta, another new character named 'Xtrema' has been revealed.

Xtrema Freefire

In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about the new character, including her skill, appearance and designs. Xtrema is going to be part of the Advance server update on April 1.

1 - About  Xtrema's Design and Background

Overall, Xtrema looks very similar to an existing character, the former Gang leader Notora. Her outfit and hairstyle are just the usual tomboy 'punk' design with exposed navel... which is similar to a lot of female characters released previously.

Xtrema Freefire 2

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2 - Xtrema's ability

We haven't gotten the full detail for her ability yet - however, based on various leaks, it would be just as strong as the top-tier characters in the game currently (Chrono, Alok, K and Skyler). The unnamed ability would temporarily increase her HP for a few seconds, along with her damage to both enemies' vests and helmets and gloo walls.

Overall, this is one of the most straightforward abilities created to date - you can just activate it for a quick boost to fight enemies without having to actually calculate tactically.


3 - Ability Analysis

Overall, her ability has the potential to be the most popular ever released in the game - damage and HP are always useful in pretty much all situations. It is likely that a cost or a nerf would be added to her skill before she is released into the live server.

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