Map design is probably one of the most important aspects of a battle royale... and Free Fire is not an exception. Amongst the maps in the game, Purgatory is probably the least popular. This was somewhat due to the earlier restriction about the level needed to access the map (you need to be at least level 5).

Take A Look At The Purgatory Map In Free Fire

In this article, we would analyze the design of the Purgatory map and point out which real-life location it was based on.

1 - General design of the Purgatory map

Purgatory is just about the same size as Bermuda - but unlike Bermuda, it is not an island. The Purgatory area is just a coastal resort town, with the main industry on the map being tourism. The town is pretty hilly, with plenty of high elevation areas on the north side. The south side is cut in half by a big river - this creates various choke points on bridges for players to take advantage of.

Free Fire Map In Real Life

Most towns on the map are located in the south, with only the moat house on the north. It is probably the biggest attraction on the map - the building has very good drops.

Purgatory Tips

After Free Fire’s third map, Kalahari, was introduced, Purgatory was removed altogether. This did not go well with fans at all – and after a major backlash, Garena has to add the map back to both unranked and ranked mode.

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2 - Which real-life locations the map is based on?

Overall, Purgatory is based on South American countries, with elements of Brazil, Argentina, and Chile mashed up together. It is almost not something that could occur in real life, as you should not be able to have a tropical jungle, ski resort, and the sea in such close vicinity.

Ff Purgatory

The main landmass of Purgatory is based on Brazil's terrain, with the rivers separate the map based on the Amazon river. The mountains on the east and north side are based on the Andes, of course.

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