Free Fire's Pet system is another layer of customization that a player can use to increase the effectiveness of their characters in combat. They usually have pretty unique abilities that can bolster your gameplay that not even character skills can compare.

In this article, we would list out the top 4 pets with the best support skills.

1 - Rockie

The best pet in the game currently. Rockie's "Stay Chill" ability reduces the cooldown of your character's active skills. This provides a lot more value than players would have expected - you would be able to get Alok's heal up far more often than usual.


2 - Dreki

Overall, Free Fire has been going overboard on designing pets, with multiple releases having pretty weird abilities... and the dragon pet 'Dreki' is not an exception. Upon activation, Dreki would reveal up to 4 opponents who are using medkits within the radius. Overall, Dragon Glare is perfect for chasing and catching enemies off-guard while they are healing.

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At level 1/2/3, users would be able to reveal up to 1/2/4 enemies who are using a Medkit in a radius of 10/20/30 around their location. The duration of this skill is 3/4/5 seconds.

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3 - Falcon

The first flying pet in the game, Falco, is probably the best one. Falco's ability when equipped would let you glide and land on the map faster, taking the initiative from your enemies. If you managed to find a gun first, shooting down people who are trying to land would be super easy.


The bonus speed would increase with level – and the best part is that it affects the whole team so only one member of the squad needs to carry it.

4 - Mr. Waggor

Mr. Waggor's ability would give you access to an unlimited supply of Gloo Grenade, enabling you to create your own cover at a moment's notice. In the later phases of the match when the play area gets restricted, Gloo Walls are vital - the cover would save your life.

Mr. Waggor
Mr. Waggor

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