The Awakening mechanic is one that's often overlooked in Free Fire's character system due to the fact that only two characters, Hayato and Kelly, have them. However, with the OB27 patch of April 2021, this is no longer the case, with Andrew awakening getting added to the game.

Andrew Awakening Free Fire

In this article, we would showcase Andrew Awakening's new design and the effects of his new ability.

1 - Andrew Awakening

In Free Fire's story, he is a vigilante policeman who spends most of his time chasing criminals... and because of that, his awakening form is going to be called "Andrew the Fearless". This is the third awakened character in Free Fire, alongside Hayato Firebrand and Kelly "The Swift".

Free Fire Elite Andrew

Andrew is one of the earliest created characters in Free Fire... and one of the most popular, with almost every match having a player using his ability. This is probably the reason why he was picked by Garena to get an awakening.

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2 - Andrew the Fearless' Awakened Ability

Upon completion of the Awakening Quests, Andrew would unlock a new ability called "Pack" that reduces the damage the player character takes in combat. The special part about "Pack" is that its effect would be heightened for each member of the squad with the ability. If you have all 4 players in your team equipped with this ability, the effect would be much stronger than normal.


"Pack" is probably just a beta placeholder name - the skill would be named differently later. The effect of the skill has the same theme as the original ability of Andrew, which also increases armor durability. With OB27, both abilities would stack together into one slot if you have Andrew awakened.

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