Free Fire is a battle royale in which 50 players dropped onto a giant map and fight to the death. Because of that, the combat in this game is more often than not skewed toward long-range battle instead of close-quarter fights like the usual shooter.

Snipers in Free Fire
Snipers in Free Fire

In this article, we would list out the top 10 Free Fire sniper tips and tricks so that you could become more effective on the battlefield.

1 - Pick the correct skill build

It is very important that you grab at least one or two useful skills to use for snipers: Rafael, Laura, Hayato and Moco come to mind. Rafael's Dead Silence enables you to shoots undetected, Laura & Hayato increase the effectiveness of your attacks... and lastly, Moco would track the enemies briefly for you to try to hit a second shot.

Free Fire Moco
Free Fire Moco

2 - Get an effective weapon

There are 3 types of sniper weapons in Free Fire: Sniper Rifles (SR), Semi-Auto Sniper (DMR) and Assault Rifles (AR). The general rule is that the higher the damage, the lower the fire rate.

Free Fire Sniper Guns
Free Fire Sniper Guns

Amongst the sniper rifles, the M82B is probably the best, with the ability to penetrate armor, helmets, deal extra damage to vehicles and even Gloo Walls. Woodpecker is the best DMR, with huge damage, armor penetration and fast fire rate.

The ARs are about the same level - with each weapon having its own unique strength. The M4A1 has the longest range... while the FAMAS has the fastest attack speed and the Groza has the highest damage per shot.

3 - Get attachments

Attachments are very important when using a sniper rifle or any long-range assault rifle. The foregrip and stock reduce weapon recoil, with the stock also provide extra movement speed. Muzzle increases the effective range of the equipped weapon.

Weapon attachments in Free Fire
Weapon attachments in Free Fire

4 - Which pet to use?

Falcon pet with the ability to increase gliding speed is the best for snipers. Speed is the key - you need to land on the map fast, grab a weapon and set up a camp for your unsuspecting enemies.

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5 - Which is the best weapon combination?

To supplement your main sniping weapon, you should bring either a close-quarter combat weapon like the SMG Mp40 or the shotgun M1887 as a safeguard in case someone is able to sneak up on your location.

Versatile weapons like the ARs M4A1 or SCAR are also pretty useful as well - they can also be used to finish enemies off if you wound them with your sniper shots.

6 - Where to camp

It is important that you are able to predict where your enemy would go to be able to camp with a sniper weapon effectively. In Free Fire, people move around for two reasons: find more loot and get to the next safe zone. You should pick your camping location based on that - choke points like bridges or large towns are usually hot spots.

Free Fire Bridge Camping
Free Fire Bridge Camping

7 - When to move around the map

It is important that you move around earlier than normal. Try to get to the predicted next safe zone fast and set up a camp instead of waiting until the countdown is over to move. This way you might be able to score kills when your enemies are escaping to the safe zone.

You should also relocate if your location is detected and the enemy is aiming for it. Don't exchange fire for too long.

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8 - How to reduce weapon recoil

To reduce weapon recoil in Free Fire, you can equip your weapon with extra attachments like Stock or Foregrip, use Dasha's ability, and going crouch or prone. Sensitivity settings are also a key as well. Therefore, you might want to tune it down as low as possible so that the crosshair would not drift around too much.

Free Fire Dasha
Dasha can reduce your sniper rifles' recoil

9 - Use the high ground

Getting yourself to a high vantage point would provide you with a lot of advantages when using sniper weapons. Firstly, it is usually hard for enemies to sneak up to you, due to the location being hard to get to. Secondly, you would be able to camp a much wider area and see above covers. And lastly, you would be able to evade attacks by crouch or prone.

Going Prone
Going prone exchanges mobility for weapon stability

10 - How to counter snipers?

To counter enemy snipers, you need to move around cautiously, avoid open spots without many covers... and bring Gloo Wall grenades. Using vehicles to move around is also a good idea - enemy snipers usually would just ignore vehicles.

Free Fire Vehicles
Free Fire Vehicles

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