Pets are an essential system in Free Fire, with players using various critters with skills that supplement their play styles. While pets' abilities are nowhere near as strong as the ability of an actual character, they can provide a couple of useful extra effects.

In this article, we would list out the top 5 best pets for aggressive players in Garena Free Fire.

5 - Beaston

Beaston is one of the newer pets added to the roster of Garena Free Fire. It is a fairly stylish baboon, dressed in "guerrilla-style" attire and carrying some ammunition. Beaston's ability would increase the range of your grenade throws by 30%, which is very useful in rushes.

Beaston proves its effectiveness in rushes.

With his ability, you would be able to throw grenades earlier and more accurate.

4 - Rockie

While Rockie is more of a support pet, his ability is so versatile that even an aggressive player could get something out of it. When equipped, Rockie would reduce the cooldown of your active abilities by 15% at maximum level. This would let you use powerful abilities like Alok's Drop the Beat or Chrono's shield much more frequently.

Rockie is not only for the peace-lovers but also for aggressive styles.

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3 - Dreki

The newest flying pet in Free Fire, Dreki, is also excellent for rushing tactics. If you managed to wound an enemy in a firefight and they escape, the first thing they are going to do is to run to someplace to heal.

Dreki is very useful in detecting your weakest enemies around.

This is where Dreki's Dragon Glare comes into play. It would reveal all healing enemies in a 30 meters radius for 5 seconds - you would be able to "wallhack" your way to finish them off. That's why Dreki is always in the best pets for aggressive players in Free Fire.

2 - Falcon

Falcon is the first flying pet in Free Fire... and one of the most popular pet in ranked mode. When equipped, this pet would increase your gliding and diving speed exponentially, enable you to land much faster than usual. This bonus extends to your teammates.

Players can take advantage of Falcon's flying ability to loot powerful weapons.

By landing first, you can gather weapons and loots early to defeat other players who arrive later at the site.

1 - Detective Panda

Heal are always useful, no matter the amount - even 1 HP could make a difference in rare circumstances. This is why Detective Panda is super useful for rushers. When equipped with this pet, you would get up to 10 extra HP after every kill.

Detective Panda
Detective Panda helps you to recover timely in urgent circumstances.

It is actually just as strong as Jota's ability, as it works on all weapons and not just shotguns and SMGs. Detective Panda is also the last on our list of best pets for aggressive players.

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