One of the biggest updates this year for Free Fire, the OB27 April patch, is hitting the global server in 1 week. Amongst the changes in the patch, characters rebalance is probably the most important... with Rafael being the one with the biggest buff of all.

Rafael Free Fire
Rafael has always been part of the Sniper Build.

In this article, we are going to showcase Rafael's Dead Silent buff and how to include it in a combo.

1 - Rafael's Dead Silent buff in OB27

  • Old version: An active ability that prevents you from getting revealed on the mini-map for 8s, CD 40s
  • New version: A passive ability that applies a silencing effect when using all sniper and marksman rifles. Furthermore, downed enemies lose HP 45% faster at max level. For example, if it takes 6 seconds for an enemy to die previously... with this ability, it only takes 4.5 seconds.

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2 - Why is Rafael's ability get completely changed?

Out of all 5 character buffs in this patch, only Rafael getting a complete overhaul. The reason behind this is probably the fact that Dead Silent is an active skill. Players would pick Alok and Chrono's ability over it 100% of the time.

Free Fire Rafael New Ability
The new version of Rafael's Dead Silent has a completely unique mechanic.

The ability to hide on the minimap is not too useful, as enemies can still detect you the normal way.

3 - How strong is this new ability?

This ability essentially gives you a free silencer on all Snipers and DMRs... that can be stacked on top of a muzzle. This is fairly powerful, as people would usually pick a muzzle over it. While you get revealed on the minimap now, it is not too big of a problem as you should be staying far out of reach.

The "enemy lose HP faster" component would force your enemies to come to save their teammates. They would get into your sight in the process.

Sniper Rifles in Free Fire
Sniper Rifles in Free Fire are very powerful

The best part of this skill is that it is turned into a Passive. You can now combo it with all the popular active abilities in the game like Alok or K's.

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