Free Fire's popularity is maintained due to the fact that Garena constantly updates the game with fresh content to liven up players' experience. They have also read feedbacks from players as well - with the upcoming updates OB27 focusing on improving the character system.

Free Fire OB27 Update Date
This patch is going to be exciting

The Advance Server for OB27 has just ended yesterday, and in this article, we are going to showcase Free Fire OB27 Update Date along with everything currently available about the patch.

1 - Free Fire OB27 update date in India

Previously, each big update in Free Fire is rolled out a day before the Clash Squad season comes to an end. Therefore, the OB27 patch is likely to be the same. It is expected to hit the global servers on April 14, with CS mode's current season ends on April 15.

Clash Squad Ranked
The season is ending in a week. If you haven't gotten the MP5 Gold yet, it might be time for some grinding.

On the day of the update, there will be a server maintenance for a few hours. During the maintenance, players would not be able to access the game for a few hours.

2 - New features in OB27

Various new features have been revealed during the "Bermuda Banter" on Twitter. They are likely to be quality-of-life updates and would make players' grind easier.

UI Changes

The Character System's UI will get an overhaul for more accessibility. This change would let users switch between their characters more easily.

Costs of leveling up

In the next patch, the devs will change the cost of leveling in Free Fire. While no details are available yet, based on their wording, the change is likely to make leveling up easier.

Awakened and normal abilities are now merged into one

Garena has finally answered one of the most frequent complaints from players. The awakening abilities are fairly underpowered currently, with the players need to jump through hoops to acquire them. The results, however, are underwhelming: they lose the original bonus and get a useless ability for their trouble.

Firebrand Hayato Elite
Hayato Awakening is actually useful now

With the merge, Hayato's awakening is actually useful now... and later awakenings will be worth the effort. Two skills in a single slot.

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3 - New Weapons in OB27

Light machine gun KORD

The new light machine gun KORD is going to be a decent alternative to the M60 and M249, with the ability to dish out suppressive fire over mid to long range. The special ability of this gun is related to crouching. If you use the KORD when crouching or pruning, its fire rate and damage would be increased.

New Kord Machine gun
New Kord Machine gun

The KORD can only be equipped with a scope attachment.

Dual USP

The USP is barely ever used in-game due to the fact that it is the second weakest weapon in the game, after the G18. This is probably the reason why Garena decided to buff it using the dual wield feature. You can now dish out double the damage with one USP on each hand.

Dual USP
Dual USP is going to be called USP-2

4 - New Characters in OB27


A new female character. Her skill is called 'Xtreme Encounter'. At max level, it gives 100 HP and 80% damage to shield and gloo walls for 8 seconds, on a 100 seconds cooldown. This ability is going to be overpowered just like Chrono's shield on release.

Free Fire's new female character Xayne
Free Fire's new female character Xayne

Mr. 1

Dubbed "mysterious character" in the patch, MR 1 is part of the upcoming collaboration with the Egyptian actor Muhammad Ramadan. His ability is named Falcon Fervor. It is a passive ability that increases the damage you dealt based on the distance to the target.

Free Fire Character Mr1
Free Fire's new "mystery" character, Mr1 a.k.a Muhammad Ramadan

At level 6, you would get up to 30% bonus damage based on distance, along with an extra 15% bonus against marked enemies. The skill doesn't mark enemies by itself, however.

Andrew Awakening

Andrew, one of the oldest and most popular characters in Free Fire, will get his own awakening. At max level, Wolf Pack increases damage reduction of armor by 14%. For each teammate who carries this skill, you would get an additional 0.15.

Andrew Awakening Free Fire
Andrew Awakening in Free Fire

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5 - Characters skill changes

In this patch, 5 characters' skills would get changed.


Chrono is currently the most powerful character in the game by a big margin, and because of that, his skill will be rebalanced. The stat changes are mostly minimal, however, the cooldown of Time Turner gets quadrupled - you can only use the skill every 170 seconds at max level.

Wukong vs Chrono
Wukong would beat Chrono and become the best character in the game in this patch


Before this patch, Wukong used to have the highest cooldown skill in Free Fire (that can only be used every 200 seconds). In OB27, you can just refresh camouflage whenever by scoring a kill on an enemy.

Free Fire New Wukong Ability
Free Fire Camouflage buff


Rafael's ability gets changed from a long-cooldown active to passive. In OB27, all sniper rifles and DMR would be silenced using his skill, and downed enemies would lose HP 20% faster.

Free Fire Rafael New Ability
Free Fire Dead Silent Buff


A124's ability used to be pretty underpowered, with 50 seconds cooldown on top of the 50 EP cost. In OB27, the cooldown of Thrill of Battle is reduced to 10 - you can spam it whenever as long as you have enough EP to pay.

Free Fire New A124 Ability
Free Fire Thrill of Battle Buff


Before OB27, Jai has to kill an enemy for his magazine to refresh... which is really weak in squad mode where enemies get downed first. The new version of Raging Reload would refresh his magazine upon downing enemies instead.

6 - New Pet

A new alien pet would be added to Free Fire in OB27. His ability would reduce damage taken while using medkit or anything with an interaction countdown.

Free Fire new pet
Free Fire's new alien pet

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