Free Fire OB27 is going to bring a lot of positive changes to the skill system of Garena Free Fire. Older characters with weaker abilities are getting buffed so that they could actually be used. Everyone has been tired of seeing 50 Alok/Chrono running around.

A124 in Free Fire
A124 is a beast in 1 vs 1

Out of the characters getting boosted in OB27, A124 is probably one of the biggest winners. In this article, we are going to list out everything you need to know about Free Fire OB27 A124.

1 - A124's new boosted ability

  • Old version: Convert up to 50 EP into HP in 2.5 seconds. 60s cooldown at max level.
  • New version: Convert up to 60 EP into HP in 4 seconds. 10s cooldown at all levels.
Free Fire OB27 A124 Ability
Free Fire OB27 A124 Ability Is Boosted

The old version of A124's ability is more focused on "1 vs 1" duel - it restores 20 HP per second and could serve as an emergency clutch for you to turn the table or escape.  The new version, while slightly weaker in potency (only 15 HP/s), has a super low cooldown that can be spammed constantly if you can keep your EP up.

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2 - Why did they buff A124?

The reason behind the change is probably the cost of the ability. A124's skill already has a hefty cost and should not have such a long cooldown, which made it much worse than Alok's free heal on a shorter cooldown.

The new version is definitely just as strong as Alok's ability.

3 - Which abilities to pick to combo with A124's Thrill of Battle?

Miguel's Crazy Slayer is a must-have ability now - you need to fill your EP bar up as often as possible. Crazy Slayer would pretty much solve all your problems with its 90 EP regen after every kill. With this ability, you can keep regen your HP back constantly, maybe even 2 to 3 times in a fight of 30 seconds.

The Shiba Inu pet with the ability to sniff out mushrooms would be a good companion as well.

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