Free Fire has been constantly buffing the SMG class for quite a while now and with the release of the Vector Akimbo in OB26, we have gotten the first OP submachine gun in Free Fire. However, Garena has decided to go back on their decision, nerfing the Vector heavily in OB27.

SMG in Free Fire
Rafael holding 2 MP5s in combat

In this article, we would list out the top 5 strongest guns of the SMG class in the OB27 patch.

Best SMGs In Free Fire

5 - CG15

The CG15 is a fictional SMG that can be used to engage targets at long range. With a whopping 71 points in range and a pre-equipped scope, you can start chipping at enemies from afar immediately after picking it up.

CG15 in Free Fire
The CG15 is a futuristic high-tech weapon

The weapon also has a special "charging" ability that lets you shoot a high-powered projectile after charging for a few seconds.

4 - VSS

If the CG15 is decent at sniping, the VSS is even better. With 82 range, you can use it the same way as any Sniper or Assault rifle. Sniping is the strongest point of this weapon - you can begin to do that right away with the pre-equipped scope.

SMG in Free Fire
The VSS is considered to be a mini-DMR

However, the damage stat of the VSS is fairly underwhelming at only 54... slightly weaker than a normal AR.

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3 - Vector

Even after the massive nerf in OB27 that increases its recoil, reduces its range and headshot damage, the Vector Akimbo is still an incredible weapon. Its fire rate of 81 remains unchanged - this makes the Vector the second fastest gun in the game, only slightly slower than the MP40.

Free Fire Vector Akimbo
Kelly using the Vector Akimbo

The damage nerf is fairly inconsequential, as the Vector Akimbo already has double the damage potential that a single weapon could have.

2 - MP40

The MP40 remains the fastest gun in Free Fire, with a whopping 83 in fire rate. Its recoil and damage are fairly decent, its range is abysmal and you can't equip a muzzle to fix that problem. If you are using the MP40, try to get a weapon stock for more range and an extra magazine to improve its spam ability even further.

 MP40 in Free Fire
The MP40 is a really popular weapon

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1 - UMP

The UMP has always been the most damaging SMG in the game, however, before OB27, it has a huge recoil weakness. After OB27 hit, the gun would be much better, with an increase in accuracy all across the board, making it one of the best SMGs in Free Fire for now. The UMP is the only SMG with the ability to penetrate armor... and because of that, it is really effective in the late game.

SMG in Free Fire
The strongest UMP skin in the game

If you are going to use the UMP, try to find a foregrip as soon as possible to increase its stability. The UMP also has the highest reload speed and movement speed in the class as well.

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