Mobility is one of the biggest issues you need to deal with in shooters in general, and Free Fire is not an exception to this rule. With a higher movement speed, you would be able to move around the huge map and get access to the objective quicker. This in turn gives you an advantage over slower enemies - faster players would be able to get to the loot first and claim the best sniping spots.

In this article, we would showcase some of the best ways that you can use to increase your mobility in Free Fire.

1 - Make use of vehicles

This is probably the safest and quickest way to get from point A to point B. There are just so many advantages that a car or a motorcycle has over jogging around on foot. Motorcycles are fast and easy to control. While they lack protection, the high speed would make it near impossible for enemies to hit you unless you are heading straight toward them.

Free Fire Vehicles
Vehicles are always useful to increase your mobility in Free Fire.

Cars, on the other hand, have better protection but much lower speed and acceleration. Hit enemies with them for an easy kill.

2 - Use Map Objects

There are various zip lines and launch pads placed on various locations on Free Fire's maps. The zipline would move you to a different location... and the launch pad would launch you into the sky so that you can use the parachute and glider again.

Launch pad
Launchpads are very easy to use in Free Fire.

The downside of this method is that the locations of the catapult and ziplines are fixed.

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3 - Hold lightweight weapons when moving around

Your movement speed is based on the weapon you are currently holding. If you want to move around faster, just use a lighter weapon. There is a rule for weapon weight - the weaker the weapon, the lighter it is. You can just use your fist or any melee weapon for maximum movement speed. Just switch back to your main weapon if you encounter an enemy.

Desert Eagle
A pistol like the DE would let you move fast while not compromising defense.

4 - Use character skills

There are quite a few character skills that increase movement speed, with Kelly and Alok being the biggest example. With these two abilities, you would be able to move around much faster than usual.

Free Fire Dasha
Dasha lets you jump from any places you want.

Dasha's ability is fairly decent as well. Fall damage reduction would let you jump out from pretty much everywhere and still survive.

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