The upcoming OB27 update of April 2021 would bring a lot of new features to the game. While new characters, weapons, and pets are important, they are in no way as notable as the addition of a completely new mechanic. With the ability to revive teammates, Free Fire's BR ranked matches would change forever.

Revival Mechanics
This would change how pros play Free Fire.

In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about the new Free Fire revival mechanic and how it would affect ranked mode. The update is scheduled for release on April 14.

1 - Which method of revival would be available in ranked?

After the update hit, the revival mechanic in Free Fire would be made available on ranked. There are two types of revival: Single Target and Entire Team.

  • To revive a single ally, just buy a reviver card from the nearest vending machine. You need to collect 4 tokens scattered on the map in exchange. The game would then let you pick the person to revive.
Vending Machine locations
Find the vending machines on the map to use Free Fire revival mechanic.
  • To revive your whole squad, you need to find and capture the "Return Area" that spawns randomly on open locations. After waiting in the area for 5 seconds, your whole team would be revived. All enemies in the area are warned about the return area automatically.

The return area is not going to be available in ranked mode. It is represented on the mini-map with a blue heart icon. The revivor (both methods) will jump off the plane again and can land at a different location on the map.

Return Area
Return Area for Squad Resurrection

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2 - How will this affect Free Fire's ranked mode?

With the Free Fire revival card enabled, mistakes are more easily forgiven now - you can bring back your teammates by just exploring the map for tokens. This encourages players to move around more often instead of camping in a safe spot.

Vending machine
Vending machines encourage moving around.

Teams are now hard-pressed to kill all members of the enemy squad instead of just one or two. Vending machines are now a great baiting spot - you can just wait there and shoot all enemies who want to buy items.

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