Free Fire's pet system, while often overlooked, can definitely influence the outcome of the game. This goes double in Clash Squad... a short team battle mode in which luck plays a much smaller part.

In this article, we would list out the top 5 best pets to use in Free Fire Clash Squad mode.

1 - Rockie

With Clash Squad being round-based, abilities need to have a lower cooldown so that they can be used more than once. Amongst all the pets in the game, only Rockie has the ability to change that. At the maximum level, Rockie's Stay Chill would reduce the cooldown of your active ability by 15%.

Free Fire Rockie Pet
Rockie is super useful if you have a long cooldown ability.

2 - Detective Panda

Every single point of HP matters in this mode - even 1 point of extra HP could make your enemies spend extra resources on killing you, leaving them open for your teammates. This is why Detective Panda is a decent pick for Free Fire clash squad, as his ability would give you 10 HP for every kill.

Detective Panda
Detective Panda has a great healing skill.

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3 - Beaston

With the playground getting restricted to just a small area, Grenades are the best way to open combat or force your enemies out of cover. Beaston's ability would let you throw them much more accurately with the 30% extra range.

Pet Beaston
Beaston's extra grenade range is strong in the right situations.

4 - Ottero

With Ottero's ability active, the player character would get extra EP every time they use medkit, which equalizes to 150% HP heal. The extra EP can also be used as fuel for A124 or K's abilities as well... which make Ottero the best sustaining pet for the long fights in Clash Squad.

Ottero Free Fire Pets
Ottero's heal can be pretty decent, making it one of the most useful in Free Fire clash squad.

5 - Dreki

The new Dreki pet is perfect for Clash Squad. His skill "Dragon Glare" would reveal all enemies in the 30m radius who are using a healing item. If you are chasing people after a fight, this skill would work as a "maphack" so that you can finish them off easier. In case you don't know, you can get Dreki for free from the ongoing Dreki top-up event.

New Pet Dreki
Dreki's Dragon Glare lets you chase enemies.

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