Free Fire is generally considered a moderately "pay-to-win" game by fans, as its character skill and weapon skin systems provide paid players a bonus over free ones. While these things are not necessary for you to enjoy the game, getting wrecked by someone with more money than you is still pretty frustrating.

Unlimited diamonds and gold
You can get an unlimited amount of diamonds and gold

Using Mod to get Diamonds is a way to fix that problem. In this article, we would show you how to download Free Fire mod APK unlimited diamonds 2021.

1 - Where to download Free Fire mod APK unlimited diamonds 2021?

There are quite a few pages that you can download Free Fire modded APK, but the most reputable ones are and Overall, you should pick kingmodapk, as it has faster download mirrors and more hack versions.

Free Fire Mod APK
Free Fire Mod APK download page

There are actually 3 versions of the modded APK: one with money hack, one with gameplay hack... and one with everything. Some people want to play the game normally with better skins... while others just want to win. Gameplay hack is much easier to detect, of course, as enemy players often report the hacker.

Besides this APK hack, you can also try Lulubox, a plugin app that modifies the data of the original game to give you skins. The method of modding APK is still more straightforward, of course.

An1 and Kingmodapk also have various hacks for a lot of other android games. If you play other mobile games besides Free Fire, it might be a good idea to give the pages a try. From Ludo King to Clash of Clans, the pages have them all. Most of the hack just unlocks unlimited currency for the players to use.
An1 has a lot of other games and not just Free Fire

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2 - How to install Free Fire mod APK?

To install Free Fire modded APK, you will need to download the .APK and .OBB files from the following sites:

Kingmodapk download page
1.59.5 is Free Fire mod APK unlimited diamonds latest version 2021

It is best to either bookmark or subscribe to that page in order to get the latest updates for the Free Fire mod APK unlimited coins and diamonds download. Garena upgrades Free Fire's anti-cheat system fairly frequently, and you need the latest version to avoid getting banned.

Enable "Unknown Sources" on your device if you haven't already. Run the APK file and install the game then decompress the OBB data file and drop it onto the "Sdcard > Android > OBB" directory. If you are using a mobile device, you might need the RAR app on the play store for this.

RAR LAB on Play Store

Run the game and enjoy the hack. You should uninstall the legit Free Fire version to reduce the risks of getting banned.

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3 - What are the features of Free Fire mod APK?

Unlimited Diamonds, Gold and other resources

The Free Fire mod APK unlimited diamonds and coins would set all your resources to the maximum. You would be able to spend as much as you want on everything - you can also buy items using other currencies like magic cubes as well.

Unlimited Diamond and Coins
This hack would unlock Free Fire mod APK unlimited diamonds and coins 2021


This is the "classic" hack feature in all shooters and is the most popular amongst cheaters. With aimbot active, your weapon would automatically aim and five at enemies' weak points... as soon as you see an enemy. This hack is the most likely to get you reported, as scoring multiple headshots in a row would be very suspicious.

Aimbot feature helps you take the target down with very accurate headshots

To be on the safe side, you can use the "only bodyshot" or "increase damage" option.

Unlimited Health / Immortal

With this hack activated, you would be impervious to all damage from enemies. It is very likely to be detected, however, especially if your enemies failed to kill you with one magazine worth of headshots.


This is also a pretty popular hack in shooters. Wallhack would show you the location of enemies on the map, no matter where they are. You would be able to see them through walls. Nobody could catch you off guard with this hack on. When combined with aimbot, you would pretty much be invincible.

Wallhack lets you detect enemies through covers and obstacles

Bypass Cheat Detection

You won't need root to use this Free Fire mod APK. While it has the ability to bypass Garena's anti-cheat software, the hack can't do anything if the mod manually checks. Just try not to be too obvious about your hack and you will be fine.

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