Free Fire is always paying efforts to be better than the opponents. And to encourage gamers who are influential in the community, they introduced a partnership program that garners a lot of attention. With this program, a gamer is officially recognized while being able to receive massive perks than other normal players.

Free Fire is launching the partnership program to very limited regions for now, and once full scale, other regions can also expect the same with almost similar perks and rewards. Not only those who get signed, but their influence in the community will get recognized as well.

How To Become Free Fire Partner
Check out how to become a Free Fire partner!

The developers are introducing this partnership program to limited areas for now. Once it is on full scale, other regions may also expect it with almost similar rewards and perks. They not only get signed but their impact in the gaming community will also be more vast and present.

Influencers such as content creators, streamers, analysts, casters, or anyone with good content for Free Fire on social media can choose this program. However, how to become Free Fire partner still remains a quiz to many.

Here’s how you do it.

Free Fire partner program perks

Before taking a look into how to become Free Fire partners, check out the perks that one can get from collaborating with the popular game.

Beginning with a number of in-game rewards, Free Fire also promises to aid its partners with other facilities that give their careers a boost.

Sign-up rewards

People who pick to be touted as an official partner will get gifts as a sign-up bonus. The presents vary from official jackets, diamonds to game set-up. In fact, it depends on the numbers that the gamer brings about.

Free Fire Signup Rewards
You will get many benefits right from the signup step.

Official promotion

Partners will have their own promotion on the various channels and official accounts of Free Fire. Hence, they will be able t o enhance their career.


The partner along with the supporters and viewers gain benefits from the Free Fire partner program. The gamer can release diverse giveaways to their subscribers in the form of redemption codes.

Free Fire Giveway
The partner's subscribers will also gain benefits.

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Content partnership

You will get info about multiple events even before they occur. Also, this will include early access to various big events as well as special reservations in live events.

Content Partnership
How to become Free Fire partner? Steps are clarified below!

Streaming equipment

Meanwhile, Free Fire also promises to provide the partners with equipment that helps their streaming career. These will certainly assist them to make more quality content. Additionally, more perks are on the way.

How to become Free Fire partner

Check out our step-to-step guide of how to become Free Fire partner program:

  • You need to be a content creator or an influencer on media and streaming platforms.
  • The participants must have 10,000 subscribers at least.
  • 80% of the content on your YouTube channel should be Free Fire-based.
  • Eligible players may opt, then the Free Fire team will do the final assessment before confirming.

The program offers influencers to make a balanced career besides Free Fire. In fact, this partner program is only available in Indonesia at the moment. Others from other regions should wait for a tad bit before they launch this officially.

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