Garena Free Fire is currently the biggest Battle Royale game in India, boasting a thriving community. Featuring action-packed gameplay and a genre-redefining character system, the game makes its way all the way to the top of the mobile gaming chart. It sets the precedence for other titles to follow. And that's exactly what we want to look at in this article on best games like Free Fire.

Free Fire Halloween
Check out these Free Fire alternatives

Yes, Free Fire has grown exponentially since its first release, attracting millions of players every day. But, there are still new titles on the market that deserve some spotlight. Today, we will bring you the 5 best games like Garena Free Fire that are made by Indians. After that will be another 5 choices under 100MB for low-end devices. So, we're looking at a total of 10 different games that may scratch your Battle Royale itch.

Top 5 Best Games Like Free Fire That Are Made by Indians

If you wish to have a taste of the signature fast-paced Battle Royale gameplay while supporting local developers, then these 5 picks are perfect for you. They are the best choices in terms of Free Fire replicas that scream Indians. Let's take a look!

1. Scarfall: The Royale Combat

Scarfall implements a lot of gameplay elements from Garena Free Fire and PUBG Mobile. Keeping the spirit of an action-packed BR game, Scarfall excels in the multiplayer mode. On top of that, be sure to check other game modes available, including a 4 vs 4 combat option. Also, let's not forget you can fully customize your character to keep things feeling fresh.

scarfall character
Choose your look in Scarfall

2. Swag Shooter

Coming up in the second place, Swag Shooter brings another Indian take on the Battle Royale genre. The game features an extended map, where players fight for the reign over others!

swag shooter
Swag Shooter has that crispy graphics touch

On top of that, Swag Shooter even adds its own unique spin on the classic gameplay. The game offers players 3 chances to redeem their faults and make it to the end. Fans of the armory would also be very flattered to see a great collection of weapons and characters to choose from.

3. Shooting Heroes Legend

When people think of Garena Free Fire, they think of the signature character system. Shooting Heroes Legend takes the same approach by adding just that into the game. Players can collect and unlock legendary heroes to fight in the Battle Royale mode.

Shooting Heroes Legend
Shooting Heroes Legend brings a futuristic look

However, if you want a change of tide, check out the zombie mode and the siege mode. Oh, and this has an offline option, too! Feel free to turn on the game and play anywhere, anytime.

4. Blood Rivals

Standing at number 4 is Blood Rivals. This is the first BR game to really emphasize the importance of vehicles. The game features a map so gigantic that you literally can't cross without the aid of vehicles. Being one of the best new games like Free Fire, Blood Rivals even enables players to fully customize their gaming experience by tuning the user interface to match their preferences.

Blood Rivals
Show up and dominate the battlefield in Blood Rivals

Another plus for Blood Rivals is its accessibility. You don't need to own a beefy phone to get the best graphics quality out of this game.

5. Titan Blood

Last but not least, Titan Blood brings the epic BR gameplay that resembles that of Garena Free Fire. The game has both online multiplayer mode and offline single-player mode. Housing a great collection of weapons and vehicles, Titan Blood can be a possible alternative for Free Fire fans. Just open the game and you'll have a decent experience to while away your time.

titan blood
Enjoy your time with Titan Blood

Top 5 Best Games like Free Fire under 100MB

Moving on from the top 5 games like Free Fire that are made by Indians, we're now at the section dedicated to low-end devices. Free Fire gets popular so quickly thanks to its accessibility and amazing performance even on the lower end of the spectrum. So, the 5 picks below are the worthy alternative to the renowned BR game!

1. Survival Battleground Free Fire (89MB)

Kicking off the list is Survival Battleground Free Fire with the tiny size of 89 MB. This is perhaps the best choice you can get. The game features decent-looking graphics and a fast BR gameplay made famous as that of Free Fire. It also puts effort into making the PvP multiplayer battle feeling real. The only difference you can find is perhaps the more military-vibe.

Survival Battleground Free Fire
Survival Battleground Free Fire is the best choice in this segment

2. Pixel Grand Battle 3D (84MB)

From the look of it, this battle royale game takes Free Fire and combines it with the Lego world. Pixel Grand Battle takes advantage of the simple to keep it light and compact. However, when it comes to the BR gameplay, the game still delivers a good performance. Holding quite an extended weapon collection, Pixel Grand Battle may be the alternative you need for Garena Free Fire.

Pixel Grand Battle 3d
Pixel Grand Battle 3D will bring a smile to your face

3. Battle Royale 3D - Warrior63 (99MB)

Standing just 1MB away from the 100MB limit, Battle Royale 3D is another game that may worth a try. It draws inspiration from Free Fire and runs smoothly on low-end devices. Players will drop on a 4x4 map and fight until only one left standing!

Battle Royale 3d Warrior63
Fight on a map similar to PUBG's Miramar

4. Battleground Fire Game (49MB)

Coming in at a shocking 49 MB, Battleground Fire Game is the lightest contender in the list of best games similar to Free Fire. It still follows the Battle Royale genre, but take on a more military look. Costumes and equipment may take you right to the army, but the gameplay will remind you of Free Fire.

Battleground Fire Game
Battleground Fire Game brings a military vibe

5) Mad GunZ (71MB)

Concluding our list today is Mad GunZ - a game full to the brim with action. It's the combination of Free Fire and Minecraft. The games feature pixelated graphics, and the melee weapon is actually a pickaxe! And, if you're bored with the BR gameplay, check out the other shooting modes available!

Mad Gunz
Try out all the kinds of weapons in Mad Gunz

That's about everything there is in our articles on the best games like Free Fire. We hope that you've picked out a favorite to try. For more fun guides, tips, and tricks into the world of gaming, visit our website at