It's been a week since the Free Fire Elite Pass Season 29 has been made official in-game. The on-going Elite Pass titled Anubis Legend II is the second pass of the previous season and set in the future. Among Anubis Legend rewards, the Egyptian-themed skins Relic Monarch and the Relic Guardian are the hottest items that draw the attention of many players and are considered some of the best Free Fire Elite Pass skins ever. Due to that reason, Garena Free Fire recently teased a cosplay photoshoot in the theme of EP season 29 Anubis Legend 2. Take a look at the photos below:

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 29 anubis legend cosplay
Free Fire Anubis Legend cosplay pic is no different from the official poster

Free Fire Elite Pass season 29 plot

After the doomsday, four major countries in the Free Fire universe have to join their hands on bringing back the world's broken economy and exhausting environment. Meanwhile, the Republic of Kemet, one of the four major nations, has been facing a hard time as an advisor is planing for an assassination to take over the power. That's the time King Solaris and Princess Isira need to stand up and combat for the safe of the monarch.

While the King Solaris looks powerful in the Relic Guardian Bundle, it is Princess Isira who casts the spell on us in the Relic Monarch Bundle. Both of the two costumes are designed with black and metallic tones that will make the player more impressive in the game.

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Free Fire Anubis Legend Cosplay 2
Apart from the Relic Guardian Bundle and the Relic Mornach Bundle, the Wings of Flame are also an conveted item to many players
Free Fire Anubis Legend Cosplay 8
Players will need 50 badges to claim The Relic Monarch Bundle while The Relic Guardia Bundle takes up to 250 badges
Free Fire Anubis Legend Cosplay 9
The cosplay photoshoot is as stunning as the official poster of the Elite Pass season 29

Free Fire Anubis Legend Cosplay

Free Fire Anubis Legend Cosplay 3

Free Fire Anubis Legend Cosplay 4

Free Fire Anubis Legend Cosplay 5

Free Fire Anubis Legend Cosplay 6

Free Fire Anubis Legend Cosplay 7

Apart from the two bundles, other rewards in the Free Fire EP season 29 like the royal g18 guns, the pharaoh ride, or the royal backpacks. All of the items are available until the end of October and players can obtain these fragments by getting badges and redeem with diamonds!

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