Being more than just a gamer and streamer, Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie has also carved his niche in the gaming industry as an influencer who has a huge fanbase on Youtube with more than 10 crore followers. This time, however, the Swedish streamer and comedian steals the headlines, not for his hilarious videos but his unbelievable physical transformation.

PewDiePie Body Transformation
Youtuber and streamer PewDiePie raises some eyebrows for his incredible body transformation

A few days ago, PweDiePie grabbed some eyeballs for taking to his Instagram handle a shirtless pic of him, flaunting his tone physique, perfect abs, and muscles. He captioned it: “Last day of no simps September boy”. The 31-year-old streamer was seen posing in a sun-kissed photo, flaunting his muscles, 6-pack abs, and some cool tattoos that is completely different from what he used to look like.

The photo took the internet by storm as the streamer looks way different from what he used to. Here are some of the “best” PewDiePia’s body pics to recall:

A Miley Cirus bikini cosplay pic of him used to go viral on the internet
Another rare old pic of the famous streamer


The significant physical transformation of PewDiePie does not only draw the attention of his female fans but there are also many boys who confessed that the sizzling pic of him has “awakening the inner bisexuality” and “being gay isn’t that bad”. Indeed, the internet has been blown away seeing how amazingly the skinny streamer turned into a hot muscular man. His physical transformation story not only takes everyone by surprise but also give many people great inspiration on changing for the good!

Check out some of the hilarious comments right below:

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Over the past few years, PewDiePie has been keen on a healthy lifestyle. He once revealed his workout routine with a strict schedule with each day focusing on different body parts. Apart from being a fitness freak, the 30-year-old streamer also sticks to a healthy diet with high protein foods to build up muscles. He stopped drinking soda and alcohol which set a good example for his followers most of whom are youngsters.

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