Feng Timo or Feng Yanan was born in 1991 in Chongqing, China. She studied at Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus and used to work as a college teacher at Chongqing Vocational School. And then, she decided to start her new career as a streamer.

Feng Timo 12

Feng Timo has become a familiar name in the Chinese streaming community, especially in the League Of Legends world. She has drawn huge attention from the netizens and has up to 1 crore followers on Weibo and 91.3k followers on Instagram.

The beautiful streamer always tries her best to develop her career and after 5 years, she has been recognized as a typical icon on DouYu. After gaining fame and a large amount of income, Feng Tomo has focused more on her hobbies: working as a singer. It’s great that the streamer has kept receiving lots of praise from the netizens.

She released her first album last year and started to take part in many variety programs and shows. She got high appreciation due to her talents and then, the streamer managed to organize her first concert.

As expected, all of her concert tickets were sold out in a short time. It’s not exaggerated to say that Feng Timo isn’t just a streamer but she is also known as a true artist.

Back in September last year, she officially ended up her contract with the previous company and moved to work as a streamer at another company. She revealed that she felt more comfortable at her new company and could live stream more proactively, as well as pay more attention to her singing hobby.

Feng Timo

Along with her increasing popularity, the female streamer has received lots of invitations from reality shows and variety programs. Whichever program she appears on shows a considerable increase in the rating index.

While Feng Timo has continued to join as many shows as possible, she experienced a sudden incident. According, while she was taking part in a program, the hard-working streamer suddenly fainted, making her fans feel very anxious about her health.

Luckily, her office rapidly announced that she had low blood pressure, leading to this incident. It was then said that she slept in only 3 hours a day due to her very full schedule.

Hopefully, after this incident, the versatile streamer will spend more time taking care of herself. Now, let’s take a quick look at her latest photos with gurugamer.com!

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