Back in 2018, Among Us was released but didn’t manage to draw lots of attention from the gaming community. However, while the COVID-19 pandemic has kept spreading in the world and there have been more popular streamers than ever, Among Us has suddenly become a hot game this fall with more than 10 crore downloads. It was great that there was a total number of 38 lakh concurrent players last week.

Among Us Pubg

This achievement helped the online game set a new world record about the number of concurrent players. In the past, PUBG - with 32 lakh concurrent players - was the one to hold the record that was set in January 2018.

Among Us has proved its huge attraction to the gaming community across the world. At the beginning of this month, this game attracted 15 lakh concurrent players after a few weeks. It was obviously an impressive achievement. That’s not enough. The number of players has doubled in three recent weeks when developer InnerSloth revealed that up to 38 lakhs players played it last weekends.

Among Us

The published data consisted of the number of players on Steam and on mobile devices. It worth mentioning that the concurrent player number and downloads mainly come from Android and iOS devices. According to programmer Forest Willard, Among Us has recently had more than 6 crore daily players.

Steamcharts - a website that focuses on listing Steam data - revealed that the PC version of Among Us peaked 438,524 players on this platform, even higher than PUBG with 4 lakh concurrent players. It is actually a big feat for a game that drew less interest two years ago.

Among Us Record

In Among Us, players join a team of 4-10 members to fix a space station by completing a variety of missions. Meanwhile, all try to complete the missions, some killers cosplay others to kill them in silence.

The game was initially released in 2018, but at the time of its release, there were a few people to play it. It is surprising that the game has suddenly become popular on Steam when reaching nearly 15 lakh concurrent players on its various versions.

Among Us is now available at Rs199 on Steam and 100% free on the mobile platform. InnerSloth said that they would release Among Us 2 if players kept sending big love to their game in the upcoming time.

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