Free Fire is the most popular mobile game in India currently. The Free Fire community in India is huge and a big part of it is thanks to Free Fire YouTubers who constantly making new content every day. There are a lot of Free Fire YouTubers in India who has become greatly successful with millions of subscriber on their YouTube channel. These channels are both entertaining and informative for both new players and old players.

In this article, we will show you the top 10 Free Fire YouTubers in India with the highest number of subscribers in 2021.

1. Total Gaming (23.1M subscribers)

Total Gaming
Total Gaming is the biggest gaming YouTuber channel in India.

Total Gaming is not only the most subscribed Free Fire YouTuber in India but he is also the biggest gaming YouTuber in India with 23.1 million subscribers. Total Gaming's real name is Ajjubhai and he also owns one of the best Free Fire esports teams in India, team Total Gaming.

The channel was created in 2018 and it has quickly blown up as he consistently uploads 2 videos a day with various content. He also plays other games like PUBG Mobile, GTA 5, Minecraft,...

2. A_S Gaming (10.2M subscribers)

Sahil Rana Gaming
A_S Gaming earned more than 10 million subscribers in only 1 year

A_S Gaming is one of the new faces in the Indian Free Fire YouTube community but he is also one of the fastest-growing channels. Within only 1 year, his channel gain 10.2 million subscribers, making him the 2nd most subscribed Free Fire YouTuber in India. A_S Gaming's real name is Sahil, an 18-year-old who has a great passion for gaming.

"When I initially started my channel, I faced a lot of struggles in creating content that is unique and entertaining at the same time but my passion for gaming helped me reach where I am today."

3. Desi Gamers (9.69M subscribers)

desi gamer
Desi Gamer Free Fire profile

Desi Gamers Youtube account is owned by a young man called Amit Sharma. The channel is currently having 9.69 million subscribers and most of the content on the channel is about Free Fire. Desi Gamers is famous for his in-game skill, which is demonstrated through his videos on YouTube. He first started the channel in October 2018 and is often compared with streamer RaiStar.

4. Gyan Gaming (9.1M subscribers)

Gyan Gaming
Gyan Gaming

Gyan Gaming is another popular Free Fire YouTuber in India. He is currently having 9.1 million subscribers on YouTube. Gyan Gaming first started as a Clash of Clan YouTuber but then moved on to Free Fire later on when the game is released in India. Gyan Gaming plays Free Fire using both his PC and smartphone.

5. LOKESH GAMER (8.98M subscribers)

Lokesh Gamer
LOKESH GAMER's Free Fire stats

LOKESH GAMER started his channel in 2017. He started uploading Free Fire videos and steaming Free Fire in January 2019. Most people love his content for his humor and entertaining personality. He also has a lot of useful Free Fire tips and tricks videos.

6. TWO-SIDE GAMERS (7.25M subscribers)

TWO-SIDE GAMERS YouTube channel is a channel own by twin gamers Jash Dhoka and Ritik Jai, the two players of team TGS. These 2 guys have been playing games together forever and when Free Fire was released, they decided to live stream their gameplay while still being in school.

Obviously, as pro gamers, they are amazing at Free Fire. But their channel also has some really funny prank videos as well. TWO-SIDE GAMERS is currently having 7.25 million subscribers.

7. UnderGraduate Gamer (6.03M subscribers)

Free Fire Youtubers
UnderGraduate Gamer

UnGraduate Gamer’s real name is Ayush Dubey and he is one of the most popular Free Fire YouTubers in India with more than 6 million subscribers. While he is a decent Free Fire player, people love him for various content Free Fire content he has such as his Short video series and his Free Fire prank videos.

8. HELPING GAMER (5.77M subscribers)

Helping Gamer

Helping Gamer's real name is Sarfraj, one of the most successful Free Fire YouTubers in India with 5.77 million subscribers. Unlike most other YouTubers who have amazing in-game skills, HELPING GAMER is known for his content for videos about Free Fire new events and tips.

9. Assassins ARMY (2.95M subscribers)

Assassin Army
The Assassin Army channel is owned by 2 people

Nayan and Huzzai are the 2 owners of Assassins ARMY, a rising Free Fire YouTube channel. He started his channel in 2019 and is currently having 2.95 million subscribers. The channel hit 2 million subscribers in December 2020 and is currently having a huge number of 70 million views.

10. Black Flag Army (2.04M subscribers)

Black Flag Army
Black Flag Army hosts Free Fire scrims with famous YouTubers

The Black Flag Army YouTube channel is owned by Pankaj. He started the channel in September 2018. The most appealing thing about his channel is his in-game personality. He would act as if he is a cocky player who doesn't listen to anyone and blow everything out of proportion. If you are up for some interesting Free Fire action then you should definitely check out his channel.

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