Raistar and Desi Gamers, also known as Amitbhai, are two well-known content creators from India. They’re also noted for their unique skills in Free Fire, one of the popular fast-paced shooting games in India so far. This article is all about how different Raistar and Desi Gamers’ in-game stats are. 


  • Free Fire ID: 12022250

Lifetime stats

Raistar Free Fire 1

Raistar has played 14251 matches in squads and won 2547 of them, which has helped him reach a win ratio of 17.87. Moreover, he also achieved an impressive K/D ratio of 4.15 with 48620 kills. 

In terms of duo games, he owns a win rate of 15.86% with 4444 matches and 705 wins. The number of kills he has reached was 14293, which has created a K/D ratio of 3.82.

Finally, Raistar has played solo 3473 times, won 401, and ended up with a win rate of 11.55%. In this mode, he also had a massive number of kills which was up to 10650, and a K/D ratio of 3.47. 

Ranked stats 

Raistar Free Fire Ranked Stats

During Season 17, the Youtuber has featured in 240 squad games and won 23 of them, making his win rate reach 9.58%. He has eliminated a total of 591 enemies and achieved a significant K/D ratio of 2.72. 

He has also played 12 duo games this season but hasn’t won any of them yet. Nevertheless, he actually has claimed victory in one among 22 solo matches, had 45 kills and a K/D ratio of 2.14. 

Desi Gamers (Amitbhai) 

  • Free Fire ID: 206746194
  • Guild (Leader): SURVIVOR ☆☆☆

Lifetime stats

Desi Gamers Free Fire Stats

The YouTuber has won 1963 among 6782 squad games, which has led to a win ratio of 28.94%. With a massive number of 17587 kills, his K/D ratio has gone up to 3.65. 

Besides, he also has had 658 victories out of 3644 duo games, creating a win rate of 18.05. He has managed to reach a considerable number of 9343 kills and a high K/D ratio of 3.13. 

Amitbhai has also achieved 243 wins among 2965 solo matches with a win rate of 8.19%. He has finished 6419 enemies, which has produced an impressive K/D ratio of 2.36. 

Ranked stats 

Desi Gamers Free Fire Ranked Stats

209 is the number of squad games that Desi has played in the current season. He has won 28 times and ended up with a win ratio of 13.39%. With 526 kills, his K/D ratio has risen up to 2.91. 

He has played 74 duo games and gained 8 victories out of them, creating a win rate of 10.81% and a remarkable K/D ratio of 3.89 as he has done 257 kills in those games. 

Desi has owned 11 wins after 68 solo games in this season at a win rate of 16.17%. He has generated 198 kills at a wonderful K/D ratio of 3.47. 

Who is better? 

Free Fire Raistar Vs Amitbhai

Generally, both of those players’ lifetime stats are so close compared to the other. About Raistar, it’s clear to see that he has done a great job with a higher win rate than Desi in the solo mode, and the same goes for his K/D ratio in all three game modes. Meanwhile, Desi’s win rate in the squad and duo modes seem to go ahead of Raistar’s. 

In terms of the current ranked season, Amitbhai is the one who has a higher K/D and win rate at every mode, while Raistar is left behind with his K/D ratio in the squad mode.