Squad mode is actually the main game mode in competitive Free Fire - there are a lot more elements that you need to consider while playing Squad comparing to the usual Solo mode. Most of the time, the team with better coordination would win against the team without. In this article, we would list out the things you need to do for your team to be successful in Squad Mode Classic.

1 – Use microphone + headphones and be clear when using voice chat


Communicate with your teammates is very important. When calling out enemies' position, it is best to use the general direction on the minimap so that everyone would know what you are talking about.

2 – Assign a role to every team member


Each player in the team should pick a role before finding a match. Try to spread out and cover what your team lacks - all 4 people can't be assaulters. Try to share the loots found with other people in your team - for example, the best sniper should get the best scope.

3 – Stay as a team and cover each other

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Just stick to your teammate at a certain range so that you could cover each other from ambush. Just don't be too close, as enemies would be able to take advantage of that and kill the whole team.

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4 – Use smoke grenades and gloo walls


It might seem obvious at first but people usually just forget to use these items when engaged. A Gloo Grenade could create a cover to protect a teammate who’s getting shot at – while the smoke can temporarily disrupt the auto-aim feature and cover the arena so that you could revive your fallen friend.

5 – Know when to engage and retreat

Alert your teammates about enemies location before firing. Sometimes waiting for a little to get the enemies' location first is a better idea. If you see two squads fighting each other, it is best to wait until some of them die before going in.

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6 – Flank and bait your enemies

Try to attack from multiple directions at the same time. You can also send out one person to bait then the rest going the other way to flank the enemy team.

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