Rusher is a pretty important role when playing as a team in Free Fire. These players would spearhead assaults, initiate fights and enter the danger zone before other members of the team, breaking the formation of enemies.

In this article, we would list out some of the vital tips and tricks that you need to follow to become an effective rusher.

1 - Have good communication with your team

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You need to make sure that everyone is on the same page before charging in. Make sure that your teammates understand your plan - don't charge in when they are not ready to back you up.

2 - Don't hesitate

As soon as you figure out the locations of the enemy team, don't hesitate to go in after relaying the info to your teammates. If you are taken down in the engagement, your team can always pick you up.

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3 - Bring Gloo Walls and Grenades

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When dealing with multiple enemies in your rush, distracting them with Gloo Walls is a very good idea. You can just place one to obstruct your position from one enemy and shoot the other. Frag Grenades are great when enemies are grouping up together - one perfectly thrown could do a lot of damage.

4 - Scout carefully

You would usually need to get the location of at least 2 enemies before trying to rush in. It is best to use a scope or listen to enemies' footsteps first. Don't hesitate to retreat if there are more enemies than expected.

5 - Practice close range weapons


When charging in, it is likely that you would have to engage enemies in close combat... and because of that, getting a secondary weapon like a shotgun or SMG would be ideal. An MP40 at close range has higher damage potential than an AK.

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