While having massive damage potentials, shotguns are often underestimated in Free Fire because of their low range. Amongst them, the M1887 is probably the strongest, with 100 points in the Damage stat. In this guide, we would list out the 5 most useful tips to master the gun and deal with its weakness.


1 - Use Quick weapon switch

Usually, the M1887 would serve as a sidearm that you pull out when engaging in close range combat. Because of this, being able to switch it out fast is the key - you must enable the Quick Weapon Switch in Options by toggling on [Setting>Controls>Quick Weapon Switch].

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2 - Don't bother reloading

The M1887 has only 2 bullets... and that's why you must use it pretty carefully. Don't bother reloading after unload your 2 shots as the M1887's reload animation is super slow - just switch to your other weapon and fire away.

Headshot with the M1887

Jai's ability is the best when used in conjunction with this gun - after killing an enemy you would get extra shots to continue firing.

3 - How to headshot using the M1887

While the M1887 shoots a number of pellets, hitting the head with its shots is still the best option. The key to scoring headshots with the M1887 is firing both bullets in a row while aiming at the torso - the high recoil would drag your second bullet onto the target's head. Remember to switch weapons right afterward to finish them off if needed.

M1887 Skin 2fgr
The best M1887 skin

4 - Pick the correct ability

There are quite a few abilities that support shotguns in Free Fire - if you are going to use the M1887,  it might be a good idea to pick some of them. Jota's skill is probably the best - it would heal you after every kill with the shotgun.

5 - Buildings are your friend

When holding such a strong close combat weapon like the M1887, it is best that you try to fight in tight spaces in which enemies cannot shoot you from afar. Camping inside buildings is the most ideal.

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