Garena is always one or two steps ahead when preparing monthly contents for Free Fire - if the pass of season 29 is out, the content for the next season, 30, is probably already done. Season 30 and its Elite Pass is going to be released on the first day of November, along with its Elite Pass.


Like all previous Elite Passes, the season 30 pass is going to include new skins, costumes and many more goodies. In this article, we are going to reveal the major items that are going to be part of it. They are datamined by leakers - their files are already in the game's data.

1 - Free Fire Season 30 Free Pass Rewards

The Free Pass has 5 items: Avatar, Jacket, T-shirt, Banner, and Backpack. They unlock at 5, 40, 110, 150 and 200 points, respectively. The theme of the pass seems to be "anarchist" with bright neon paint colors everywhere. The Jacket and Backpack are supposed to be a set.

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2 - Free Fire Season 30 Elite Pass Rewards

The Elite Pass' rewards look much better of course - there are 14 notable items to be unlocked. As usual, you would be able to pre-order the pass a few days before it is released for an extra bonus reward.

Jacket, Bat Skin, Monster Truck Skin (0, 10, 15 badges).


Banner, Avatar, Female Bundle (30, 40, 50 badges).


Treatment Gun Skin, Surfboard, Banner (80, 100, 115 badges).


Grenade Skin, Avatar, Loot Crates (125, 135, 150 badges).


Backpack, Male Bundle (200, 225 badges).


Overall, the sets in this event are of pretty high quality - both the theme and color suit DJ Alok perfectly. If you are using Alok, getting the Elite Pass and unlock these costumes is definitely a must.

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