October is finally here - the spookiest of months. Free Fire, similar to many other games in the market, is celebrating the "Horror Day" Halloween with a host of spooky events, skins and costumes. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about Free Fire Halloween Event 2020.

1 - Free Fire Halloween Event 2020 Details

New items and skins

The event is going to begin somewhere at the middle of the month and last until October 31 - with October 26 being the peak day for the whole thing. On that certain day, you would be able to trade your collected tokens for various rewards like the exclusive Halloween 2020 backpack and parachute skin. Besides the special prizes, there are also smaller ones like shards or tickets...

free fire event halloween
Free Fire Event Halloween 2020 is going to be pretty big

To obtain the event tokens (penguin lollipop, bat lollipop and ghost lollipop), you would have to do the usual Free Fire event task like login and play 5 games... Overall, they are fairly easy to complete - as long as you play and do your daily tasks every day. Ghost lollipop is the exception, as you can only get them by random drops in-game.

There would be a chance for you to win the elusive Frankenstein bundle by exchanging event items as well - there isn't much information available about this yet. Finally, the Home screen would get a new Halloween theme.

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New modes

About event-exclusive modes, there is definitely a chance that Free Fire would bring back Zombie mode or Night mode into the game for a limited time as part of the celebrations. These modes were part of the Halloween Events in previous years.

Garena Free Fire Halloween Event

In Free Fire Zombie mode, players would be put into a "graveyard map", with the task of defending it. There would be four waves with escalating difficulty and the last wave would contain a tough boss. Up to 4 players can challenge in a zombie map at a time and there are 3 difficulties for the map: normal, hard and very hard.

Garena Free Fire Halloween Event

Night Hunter mode would drown the map in darkness - your only companion would be the night vision scope, as you would not be able to see anything except for the muzzle flashes when shooting.

2 - Halloween 2020 New Items


This would be the special Halloween themed lootbox for this event - shaped like a pumpkin. This box might be made available for free in the event.

Garena Free Fire Halloween Event


A new skeleton themed surfboard is also going to be part of this event - it is likely to be a free item.

Garena Free Fire Halloween Event


A special Halloween themed pan with a skeletal face and teeth designs on the top side. The bottom side is orange with a pumpkin face.

Garena Free Fire Halloween Event


The three levels of the new skeleton backpack - it has the same orange Halloween theme with skull decorations... however, everything looks rather goofy instead of scary.

Garena Free Fire Halloween Event


The Halloween parachute looks somewhat different from the usual theme - it is likely to be reused assets, as the Oni face is likely from another event.

Garena Free Fire Halloween Event
Garena Free Fire Halloween Event: it is likely that this parachute is taken from another event


The new helmet for this event is going to be a pumpkin and skeleton-based helmet with multiple levels to unlock, with the skeleton face being inside the mouth of the zombie. Overall, the whole thing looks goofy instead of scary.

Garena Free Fire Halloween Event

Pet skin

Rockie would get a new skin named Zombie. This is probably inspired by some South American festivals in which people put on makeup similar to this.

garena free fire halloween event

New Female set

A new female set also inspired by the carnival makeup of South Americans. However, only the hands get a makeover while the face is pretty much intact.

garena free fire halloween event

New Male set

The Male set is a little bit better with the skeleton motiv on his clothes and legs as well. The Male set also has a skeleton mask.

garena free fire halloween event

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3 - Halloween XM8 Incubator

These XM8 skins were released previously in 2018 and are going to be brought back for this year's Halloween. There are going to be 4 variants: Toxic, Poison, Evil and Scarecrow (Orange) which is not part of the picture below.

garena free fire halloween event
Garena Free Fire Halloween Event: Pumpkin incubator XM8 is back!

Amongst the new skins, the Toxic green XM8 Pumpkin is probably the best, with a 2x increase in range and some extra fire rate. Overall, that bonus would enable the gun to perform drag headshots much easier and more accurately.

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